Illegal street competition: an increasing problem

Not a rare sight. Two car races on street lighting, a challenge

is another, and once the green light is displayed, they move as fast as they can.

An illegal street competition is not a new thing. It's been going since then

T Model T Ford. Over the years, speed has increased and the appearance of cells

phones and GPS systems, so is the technology. But these are the consequences

negligent actions have never changed. Every year thousands of accidents occur

Impeccable, aggressive driving on the street. But the trend continues to grow.

Movies like The Fast and the Furious, helped to spread street virtues

racing. Such films do not show innocent victims painful, but rather they are

depicts characters misunderstood by good guys who have a passion for cars. this

is easy to see how young people can accept the concept of street racing

does not hurt anyone if all they see in the movies confirms it. Videos

illegal street races downloaded on the web is an increasing proportion of just fuel

is the desire of those who can not see the dangers.

Competition is not bad. In fact, this is an exciting sport that requires training,

discipline and skill. But in the streets there is no place for racing. Unfortunately, all young people

person (the majority of young people) can penetrate into his car, throttle and drive.

No experience, no talent, no discipline. Despite all this, innocent drivers are used

streets for their daily activities.

So what's the solution. Our race on the street will never stop, but it may be

decreases. It should be understood that street competition is a social activity.

People gather in a parking lot, hang out with their friends, invite someone to a tournament,

and return to the same parking lot after the end of the race. In some cities

recognized this and opened the bar for people to race, socialize and

interaction. For a small fee they can prove themselves in a safe, supervised place

environment. This is also a great way to integrate the local police with the participants.

In order to reduce racing on the street, local authorities have to check. bigger

fines do not reduce street racing. Hundreds of people died on the street

in this country, and if the chance of death does not prevent anyone, the fine will not


Finally, we need to understand that the only way to reduce street tournaments is to

provides a location that may be the case. Until then, the masses will do what

know; will continue to compete on the street.

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