Important Laptop Accessories

  1. External hard drive My external hard drive has 160 gigabytes of capacity. In fact I forgot about the speed, but I'm sure this is one of the fastest models on the market. I mainly use to back up my important files and all my work. This gives me the peace of mind I need – if something bad happens to my laptop, all my files are stored neatly in a separate drive. Plus, I don't like to maximize the laptop hard drive. This is because in the long run my laptop will run slower than usual.
  2. Optical Mouse The laptop's built-in platen works well, but sometimes my hand strives for a real mouse. This is especially useful when I do some graphic work and I need to open Photoshop. Just try to create the routes using the tracker and you will know what I mean.
  3. Laptop bag No laptop. This is my rule and I distribute this rule to other users on my laptop. A laptop can easily be scratched if cracked or suppressed by heaven. The laptop bag helps to weaken the blow and facilitates transportation. Plus a nice bag can be a fashion show.
  4. Leather I put a nice skin on my laptop cover. One of the picturesque beaches of the island in the tropics. The picture is warm, relaxing and inviting. And I saw a lot of people (mostly women) looking at my laptop because of my skin.
  5. Portable Printer I actually have a portable printer that I always put in my car only when I have to print something while I'm outside. And sometimes it was very useful when you had to print some tables for customers who suddenly asked for another print.

These are just some of my laptop's accessories. There is more and I am sure you will find something that makes your life much easier.

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