Improve your performance without an energy drink

Daytime drowsiness, balancing alcohol consumption and increasing performance, all give people who consume energy drinks. Fast afternoon pick-ups or some long driving helps keep you awake until dinner. Then it is time to sleep and regret the action. The incentive can continue to work longer than expected and spoil good night sleep, which of course fills the batteries up.

A typical 8 oz energy drink contains 80 mg or more of caffeine and 25 g or more sugars. This combination works at the opposite ends of the energy spectrum and the sugar results in insulin repair and increases weight gain. Meanwhile, caffeine is a stimulant and diuretic, which is dehydrated and requires more fluid.

The side effects of the whole caffeine may be risky to your health, and especially children should avoid it. Young children do not have advanced metabolism that can efficiently process caffeine and sugar. Short-term side effects may include increased anxiety, irritability, nervousness or moodiness.

Children who consume high caffeine, high sugar energy drinks are more disgusting and unqualified at school. When energy drinks were banned in England from a school, the principal's offices dropped by nearly forty percent in the first month. Teachers have reported that children's scientific performance has increased significantly as their behavior improved.

Consumption of high amounts of caffeine can cause heart rash, convulsion and even death. Continuous use of sugar-filled energy drinks increases the risk of type 2 diabetes. Psychological and emotional problems are also related to the long-term consumption of energy drinks, including increased risk of depression, habits and alcohol dependence. Since energy drinks are typically characterized by fast consumption, it is more likely to produce caffeine than overdose than strong coffee, which is typically consumed in a few minutes slowly.

School children and teenagers are a popular blend of energy drinks and alcohol. Energy drinks are stimulants while alcohol is depressant. The desire to mix with this mixture is to reduce the effect of alcohol by hiding the toxoid and drinking obesity. In essence, the body can not detect if you have consumed enough or too much.

Drinking can feel awake, as if it were not drunk but your blood alcohol level could be dangerous. The result is that people who drink this blend often drink much more than without the energy drink. To make matters even worse, the combined effect of caffeine and alcohol is a super dehydrator, which will create a much larger hangover the next day.

This yin and yang put your body into a very stressful state of stimulant and depressant. The effect is similar to acute stress response when faced with sudden dangers that overtime the organs. The heart, liver, brain, digestive system and kidneys are all going to work and wipe themselves to protect you over a long period of time when chemicals are present.

The natural way to build energy conservation and maximize performance is to get a good sleep, provide physical activity in your daily routine, and eat a healthy diet. Keep away from energy drinks and keep them away from children.

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