Increasing demand for the hybrid car

Environmental awareness has grown in public opinion, and this is a recent survey. The PULS German trend and market researcher has conducted an online survey to find out what the audience is doing in the car.

More than 3,500 people have been voted on who either recently took a car or one in the near future. The survey was conducted in different countries – United States, Germany, France, Great Britain, India and China. The results show that a large number of respondents transport hybrid vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to petrol or diesel units.

According to the survey, 42.7 percent of respondents choose a hybrid car and also said hybrid vehicles are the cars of the future. The hybrid car was voted the most from the USA, where the Toyota Prius is already rolling on the market and significantly increasing its customer base. 50.9 percent of respondents from the United States said they were going through a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) for any other vehicle. Meanwhile, 46.9 percent of French respondents said they chose hybrid vehicles. The upgrading of Toyota Prius and the development of the Honda hybrid car will certainly increase public interest in such vehicles.

In the second site of the online survey, 41.9 percent of the vehicles with hydrogen fuel cell technology were selected by the respondents. The alternative fuel form used in vehicles has received more votes in China, where more than half of respondents see a future where hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will dominate. The Indian public has also found these for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in the future. The results of the survey in Asian countries contradict the common conviction that they are satisfied with the use of conventional fuel.

Other, alternative fuel vehicles also pay close attention to fuel-based fuels. 38.1 percent of respondents believe that plant fuels replace fossil fuels, which are so dependent on today. British motorists largely support the use of plant-based fuels and 45.6 percent boast of these vehicles. The positive reception of respondents in Britain is in fact due to the availability of cars on the European market that are supplied by vegetable fuel, such as bioethanol. Bio-ethanol can now be used for vehicles such as some models of Volvo with FlexiFuel technology on board.

Of the total number of respondents polled by PULS, only 11.5 percent said the world was still petrol or diesel fuel. Overall, however, the results of the survey show that there is a huge demand for vehicles that will operate with alternative fuels or depend on renewable energy sources. Indeed, demand grew sharply, if the trend is like a car, it would be very difficult to stop its momentum and only a high-performance brake would stop, such as an EBC rotor with a high performance brake caliper. In addition, the survey shows the direction in which carmakers can show their customers' control.

Car manufacturers must go to gas to get to know and summarize the public, Dr. Konrad Wessner, owner and chief executive officer of PULS, said: "If potential buyers notice a particular type of engine to be able to prospect, preferring the preferences of manufacturers who are leaders in their own field. "

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