Individual Helmets What You Need to Know

Search for the right size helmet

Find the right unique helmet for you, a motorcycle dealer or a motorcycle dealer, the motorcycle dealer should have a helmet and not go to the gear. Okay, so finding the helmet size is the best way to find the size you need to try the different models and manufacturers and see which one is the most comfortable, just a little bit of your face. you will be shocked by your inventory, you will get maximum protection. Which product offers max protection? That's a good question.

Arai and Shoei are known for their good protection and are expensive (this is a good sign.) Although we're a bit loud, I'll talk about it a bit. The AGVs are very good helmets, which are certainly in my 10 biggest helmets. They give you a great deal of protection, Valentino Rossi will bear them to be good. I did not hear anything about being loud, but that's a good thing, you do not want your ears ringing after a long mountain ride. Nolan is very good, very protective and not too loud. Nolan is in the top ten too. Casey Stoner wears Nolan's helmet. Because the names I mentioned are very good competitors from MotoGP.

He wants a helmet that is DOT and SNELL approved if he does not get it. Anything that is allowed by DOT does not provide maximum protection. How do I know if both of them have approved them? The helmet will say in the back, "DOT and SNELL approved."

The Inches and Silent Helmets

The Schuberth helmets are extremely silent, in fact they are video-testing on a site that includes a camera inside a helmet on a moving motorcycle and hear a reduction on the helmet and the silence of other helmets . SPECIAL Cool! (On the way Schuberth comes from Germany.) Aria helmets have a good reputation, though they are very safe helmets and they are very light and have very good graphics on it. But we want a single-colored helmet to be customizable, and I'll be back in the later section of the article.

Shoei's helmets are a little quieter than Arai, but not as silent as Schuberth. The shoes are very good helmets, not as expensive as the Arai. $ 500 is not so good quality helmet. It's like Aria, a little loud, the silent helmet I've ever met, the Schuberth. The HJC helmets are quite loud, there is one, and I know I have to wear earplugs. You should always wear earplugs when you ride to keep your ears. But HJC has a good side, the more expensive DOT and SNELL, and they can be cheaper.

Getting a Custom Helmet

After selecting the helmet and the helmet and finding out which one fits best, you have to choose the color. All colors are delicate until they are solid, red, blue, white, black, gray. They all work. but my favorite solid color on the helmet is white, you just can not make a mistake on the white. All right, now you have chosen the color you want to personalize. All you have to do is buy stickers (stickers) and stick to your helmet, do it, or take it to a shop and do it for you. What they do at the shop is Airbrush or paint it. but you have to pay as much as I can, up to $ 3,000. But I can say that it is worth using an awesome unique helmet . The sky is the border when you get a unique helmet, so there are so many designs that you can choose from, whether it's your design. This is what I'm going to do based on my own plans. You know it's so much fun to be ridiculous!

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