Introduction of Porsche 911

The Porsche 911 was first launched in the mid-1950s when it first hit the fast-growing drawings of a famous sports car company.

Despite the ever-increasing demand for Porsche 356 cars, it was obvious that a new model would be needed by the 1960s. So, in 1956, Porsche designers started working with their new car, using the experience of the 356 series and the races. The result was a 901 result, the design changed quickly to 911 when it realized that Peugeot was eligible for zero-name model names in the middle of the French market.

Ferry Porsche found Law 911 to be slightly larger than the 356 but forced to carry two more adults and two children. Designers recognized these commendable goals that dictated the use of a new engine because the four units of the 356 old apartment were at the end of the development. Of course, they turned to the eight-cylinder Formula 1 unit, which was also used in Porsche's faster sports cars. Each cylinder bank in the cylinders dropped to only one cylindrical cylinder with six cylinders, but since then it has been the foundation of all 911 engines. The designs were not lost in Porsche.

911 was an immediate success when the first cars left production lines in 1964, since then they have been upgraded within their original concept, even more so at 356. everything from Monte Carlo Rally to Le Mans.

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