Introduction to hybrid cars

As more and more people seize the wave of the car's future – the hybrid car – there are more and more questions about this powerful but somewhat mysterious vehicle. But how do they work, is it enough to be reliable and can the car of the future?

So what's the hybrid car?

Hybrid cars are cars that combine two or more resources, such as gasoline and rechargeable batteries. The hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) combines the performance of a gas engine with an electric motor. These two-engine motors can be configured for different purposes, such as increasing car performance and improving fuel consumption.

– Hybrid Car Parts

– Hybrid Car Parts

– Brake

– Electrical Engine

– Internal Combustion Engine (ICE)

– Generator

split technology

] Technological Development

Part of the technological development of the hybrid automotive industry is as follows:

– Regenerative braking: This function effectively recycles energy when braking cars are used. The purpose of the electric motor is to accelerate the resistance against the car's driven line, which causes the wheels to slow down. The energy from the wheels is then used to power the electric motor, which acts as a generator, and transforms the energy that would otherwise lose braking to the current stored in the battery as long as necessary.

– Automatic start-up and shutdown: This function automatically turns off the engine when the car is stopped and then resumes when the accelerator pedal is touched. This eliminates the need to wasted energy at the engine idle.

– Electric motor drive: The hybrid electric motor provides added performance to the car when accelerating, passing or climbing the hills. With this extra help, a smaller, more fuel-efficient motor can be used.

Quick Information on Hybrid Car Accident Operation

The internal combustion engine is powered by a hybrid electric generator, which is used as a starter and is used when it is first powered on. If the ICE warms up, it automatically switches off when the electric motor takes over. Some hybrids stay in each electric mode until the car reaches a certain speed, typically at 15 km / h. If there are no sudden accelerations and the driver slowly increases the speed, these hybrids can still use all the electricity, saving gas, energy and reducing emissions.

The Hybrid computer is responsible for determining the amount of energy required by the ICE and how much it needs to use from the electric motor, depending on how fast the car is moving. Your computer will continue to decide whether to use the electric motor or the internal combustion engine while the car is running. The signals are sent to a gearbox known as a power transmission gear that works with a series of complex gears that combine both gas and electric motors / motors.

The electric part of the hybrid falls into the power of nickel hydride batteries. Your computer regularly monitors the amount of charge on the battery, up to 40 percent of its total capacity, never more than 60 percent. This is to bring the battery to the longest possible time, which usually keeps hundreds of thousands of miles away.

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