Isdera Supercars among Top Class vehicles

A brief introduction to the history of Isdera's unique supercar from Erator GTE from 60 to Imperator, Spyder, the modern Commendatore and the incredible autobahnurier.

Eberhard Schulz introduced his first car in 1969. This was the Ford GT40 hand-built replica called Erator GTE. The car impressed enough to work for Eberhard in Porsche. The next big step was the Mercedes-Benz concept car premiere in 1978, the CW 311. model. He later became the base of his own automobile called Isdera.

The new company was created in 1981, and next year the showboat type roadster, the Spyder 033, was introduced. The prototype was equipped with a Volkswagen Golf engine and a Porsche 924 transmission. It was only 136 inches high and was not very fast, so the Audi 2.1 liter 170-inch turbo was foreseeable with the Schulz option. Cars delivered to customers had a properly trained train for the Mercedes-Benz 190 E 2.3-16 and 185 horseradish.

The following models, the Imperator 108i and the Commendatore 112i, were true supercars with large V8 (Imperator) and V12 (Commendatore) Mercedes or AMG engines. The first Imperator engine has 5.0 liter capacity and only 230 inches, but this alone is enough to speed up the light car by less than 60mph in 6 seconds. The later engines can be up to 400 inches. The highest specification of the Commendatore was equipped with a 6.9 liter AMG 600hp drive and a 6-speed manual transmission, allowing it to reach 3.5 seconds in 60 seconds. time.

Finally, in 2006, Schulz introduced his own dream car, dual engine, four-wheel drive, huge Autobahnkurier 116i. The car is really out of this world. Summing up the 10-liter displacement and the 600-horsepower net performance packed in a retro-style body, it's just a prototype left in the creator's hand.

Detailed descriptions, descriptions, and acceleration charts for each of the described vehicles check the newly introduced on-line portal under Isdera .

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