It's important to have a fire extinguisher for the car

One of the most important things a person can do for security and protection of his property is to keep a fire extinguisher in his car. When a car catches a fire, it will burn in less than three minutes. Using fire extinguishers, fire and surrounding people and property can be prevented.

A car can be an easy target for the fire as it contains gas and oil. In the event of an accident, electrical wiring and fuel lines may be damaged and easily flammable. The fire extinguisher increases safety in the car and reduces the risk of serious fire damage or recycling. Even one car's battery can leak the battery acid and capture the car.

The overwhelming majority of automotive fires start in the engine, so the driver has time to grab the fire extinguisher and put the flames down. There is always a chance that the driver may have an accident or event and may need fire extinguishers to assist the needy.

When a person purchases a fire extinguisher, it is important to maintain it. Check twice a year and make sure it is securely but easily accessible. When fighting a fire, a person must try to aim at the base of the fire and not in the middle of trying to free him.

Check that the UL label is on your fire extinguisher. This means that it has undergone a rigorous laboratory test and is resistant to extreme pressure and temperature. So a person knows he's strong enough to be a good and effective security tool.

Exercise appropriate fire safety precautions. If there appears to be a fire under the hood until the bonnet is disabled, do not discard the hood. Fire may cause an explosion and people may be severely injured. Fire extinguishers must be wisely used and it is important that people try not to be heroes. If the car fire is flammable, spread quickly, or the fire extinguisher is out of order, get out of the car and call the fire department. A car can easily be replaced while a person does not.

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