Jaguar XK sporty car joins the lightweight Supercar Club

Jaguar's new XK superstar is a stunning looking car that turns everywhere. The beauty and gentleness of the old jaguars of the 1960s. Yet, like these masterpieces, the new XK is a true story and what distinguishes its competitors, what is under paint.

No, this time it's not a sensational engine like the XK120, but the fact that the body is made of aluminum – like the new Jaguar XJ.

The idea of ​​using aluminum – Honda started the trend with NSX 15 years ago and quickly followed Audi with the A8 – weight loss. Honda lowered its weight with the NLX sports car – the body was 40 percent lighter than it was made of steel.

Aluminum bodies are longer than steel because the metal is not rusty like steel and absorbs the shock – so they're safe. Nowadays, many automotive companies use aluminum for certain parts of the body, but Jaguar is the world's leading car from aluminum plate and extrusion.

No doubt the new car is easy. After all, 300 lb lighter than the previous model and actually slightly larger. You do not know why the new car is bigger than the old car is big enough. The following numbers are:

New Jaguar XK 3,513 kg (1 595 kg)
Current XK 3,820 lb (1,734 kg)
BMW 650i Mercedes-Benz SL500 4064 kg (1.845 kg)

Compared to competing supercars, the new XK comes out well. It's 250 lb lighter than the BMW, and makes the Mercedes and the overweight greasy too.

Yes, the new XK is light but not in the same way as Lotus Europa S or Elise compete with its competitors. Of course, it's a lot easier than the old design of the 1990s, but unfortunately the Jaguar bosses wanted the car to want all the bells and whistles of a luxury sports car, not the light weight of a super sports car. They all give weight. And they decided that the car was a bit bigger.

Yet, as a light luxury sports car or supercar, the new Jag will work fine. Why? Because it looks awesome – a real show stealer – it delivers good performance thanks to reduced weight and treats it as a much smaller car.

Motorbikes did a good job of improving the response of the V-8 engine to deliver a 300-horsepower mill much better than the current model. After uploading the charged engine, the car would definitely be a real cracker. And if you park and look at it, you will be on the Jaguar XK Superstore every day of the year!

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