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Let's face it, many cities in the United States, so Austin can consistently enjoy one of the best, others do not have to.

Austin has always been a popular city as the capital, but people are filling in buckets, as more and more reports indicate that this is the best city to live, work and play.

Technically, Austin is packed with students, politicians, lobbyists, and businessmen, but Austin is proud of live music and entertainment that can help balance the balance of other boring people. They go so far as to call themselves "the capital city of the world's live music". These are not enough boots, do not you think?

With good credit, however, Austin became the center of minorities, strange and eccentric. The slogan "Keep Austin Weird" was even angered by businesses moving to the city, reducing the number of well-established home-grown and enthusiastic businesses

And it's good for them, nobody wants to go to a boring town, so the fact that Austin was so tender about the "weird city" is quite impressive and points to all things.

In a matter of minutes, Austin is good at music, entertainment, education, politics, and e-business. the most significant is music and entertainment, because business, education and politics are tough when you want to spend your vacation.

The central entertainment / entertainment district is located near 6th Street (right), vibrant theater venues, nightlife clubs, music bars and a restaurant. East 6th Street has bars and pubs, West 6th Street is a shopping mall. is also on the 6th street and is also known for live music events. For your information, keep in mind your favorite performers in The Backyard, which is always famous and worth listening to.

In Austin, the most important things to do include nightly strolls on a 6th Street cocktail or two or seven shopping centers on the European casino and the Texas State Capitol building, built in 1888. It stands 311 feet high!

Typically weird is the Congress Avenue Bats, the largest North American colony of bats flying in the sunshine skyscrapers behind Austin's state security building.

With the best view of the city, go to Mount Bonnell, which also looks out to Austin Lake and the surrounding Hill Country. Beware, 99 steps arise.

It does not matter that there is nothing like to decide where you want to go for a moment to notice. Cities such as Austin are spacious and time-consuming to reach A-B. Make your own pace and leisure time with your own car. We use the best and most famous suppliers in the country with the best prices.

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