Koenigsegg CCXR – will be the biofuel

When I think about the supercar, I do not really think about the environment.

Think about the car how fast? Expensive? Why is it so popular? You know the typical thoughts when we see a superstar. But now Koenigsegg has managed to create a Bio Fuel Powered CCXR car. This means that a supercar with a very friendly engine, but doing a great superstar like Koenigsegg, goes fast and very fast!

The good thing is that if you think about Koenigsegg, you can not expect to build a new model and reduce performance. Despite the fact that the new model has a bio-fueled engine, performance is far more spectacular than conventional CCX!

Koenigsegg is not a typical automotive company. Well, let me tell you that the company wants superstore, which is the fastest thing on the wheels. So it's pretty effective that a small company like Koenigsegg can afford to develop such a solution. As you probably already know, this means that Koenigsegg must be one of the most environmentally friendly sports cars in today's history.

Even Koenigsegg has not presented the official figures on the car, we still know that the car's performance is at 100 km / h in 3 seconds and the highest speed is 380-400 km / h. Is this a friendly car or what do you think? I think it's a good thing that a big global company like Koenigsegg does something like that.

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