Lamborghini Gallardo – A Raging Bull!

Ferruccio Lamborghini was a very successful businessman with various businesses despite the fact that his main activity was the construction and sale of tractors. Ferruccio's philosophy was to work hard in the morning and enjoy himself in the afternoon. One day, while competing with Ferrari for a close friend of Enzo Ferrari, he told him I did not think his car was good enough! Enzo was wrong and replied, "What do you know about building sports cars, only about the construction of tractors?" Ferruccio was offended and determined to build his own sports cars. First everyone laughed at his big ideas. But in 1963, he opened his most modern factory at Sant'Agata in Bolognese, about 25 km from Bologna.

Ferruccio Lamborghini's love for bulls was so strong that he often visited Don Eduardo Miura, who owned a famous bullfighter in the Seville region and cultivated several breeds. This passion prompted you to name more of his cars after the different breeds of bull that were raised on this farm. In 1966, at the Geneva Motor Show, an early prototype car was called to the P400S, attracted so much attention to the fact that the Miura led to another 4-liter 280 hp car followed by a Don Maga Eduardo Miura and numerous versions including the SV Concept , the Roadster, SV and Jota A replaced the Miura with the Islero 400GT and the Islero 400GTS, a 2 + 2 coupe which was built between 1968 and 1969. who murdered the famous matador Manolete in 1947.

Spanish word spada appeared to the Spanish in 1968 on the Geneva motorcycle, and Marcello Gandini designed Bertone's famous car designer who designed several cars for Lamborghini. which was the name associated with bullfighting, Jalpa, which debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in 1981 and was named after a cow. In 1990, the name of Diablo was named after a famous battle of bikers in 1869 when Vergua's rampant prince stood in an epic battle with El Chicorro.

Today's modern supercars include Muircéilago, who was named the legendary bull in 1879, whose life was saved by Matador El Lagartijo for his wonderful performance in the arena and which survived more than 28 stroke from the estoc at this point the matador decided to save her life, which is extremely unusual in bullfighting. Gallardo was the name of five famous castles for warrior bullshit hunting. In 1943, Reventon was named after the famous bull of Felix Guzman, a Mexican tower, and finally the 2008 concept car called Estoque, the acquisition or sword in English to kill the bull used.

Although there was a very special Lamborghini supercar that was not related to any bull or bullshit name, but it is likely to be Madonna himself. This was, of course, the Countach, which came when Giuseppe Bertone's famous car designer first looked at the car. It was almost speechless, except for a word she could say! This word was, of course, Countach, often called a surprising act and often used by Piedmont men when he first looked at a beautiful woman.

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