Lamborghini's interesting facts

first The Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. an Italian automobile that deals with the production of luxury, high quality sports cars. Headquartered in Sant'Agata Bolognese, near Bologna, Italy. Lamborghini was founded by Italian engineer Feruccio in 1963.

2nd Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A was created as a result of Feruccio Lamborghini and Enzo Ferrari (Ferrari cars), who were the producers of famous sports cars at that time. Feruccio Lamborghini himself was an excellent engineer; owner and manager of a successful company that produced agricultural machines. Feruccio loved sports cars and Ferrari 250 GT. The rumor is that two major architects have been in conflict after Lamborghini personally turned to Enzo Ferrari thanks to the broken Ferrari 250 GT. They believe that the fast-hardened Enzo recommended Feruccio to deal exclusively with tractors and never touch the sports car. Feruccio Lamborghini has accepted as a challenge using his tools, experience and passion to set up a company that was able to move to Ferrari.

This may be surprising, but Lamborghini never took part in any major motorbike competition. According to Lamborghini Feruccio's will, the company could not compete because the famous Italian engineer always thought that motorsport was a big waste of time and resources. One of the things Lamborgini has always known is the high-quality design. Some of the industry's best professionals, including Franco Scaglione, Touring, Zagato, Mario Marazzi, Bertone, ItalDesign and Marcello Gandini have designed visual design

. People generally think of luxury and high-performance big travelers when someone mentions Lamborghini's name. Nevertheless, the Italian automaker has created a few unusual models. Feruccio Lamborghini had extensive experience in the manufacture of tractors, so it seemed natural to try his hand when a car had high off-road capabilities. The Lamborghini LM002 was the first SUV built by the Italian vehicle manufacturer. Combining speed and luxury with exceptional off-road capabilities, the Lamborghini LM002 arrived in many ways much earlier. Regarding the comfort and ability to pass through difficult terrain, only Land Rover could compete with the LM002. Unfortunately, the car market was not completely ready for the new luxury SUV. Therefore, despite the ordering of the Saudi Arabia and Libya armed forces, Lamborghini sold only 301 vehicles

6. The Italian automobile manufacturer started its first production model in 1963. At the highest speed of 280 km / h, the Lamborghini 350GTV was the leader of this year's production cars.

7th The Italian company uses a very distinctive name definition for car models. Feruccio Lamborghini was pleased with the Spanish bullfighting. In 1963, he visited the Seville cattle ranch, Miura. Don Eduardo Miura Fernandez, one of the most famous breeders in the Spanish fighting bull. This visit strongly influenced Italian craftsmen. In fact, he was so impressed by the traditional art of bullfighting that he decided to name every new sports car after the famous battle bulls. Traditionally in bullfighting in Spain, bulls who successfully defeat a matador are given life and their names are listed in the history of the sport forever. Ferruccio Lamborghini was convinced that the name of a fight party would be the unbridled nature of sports cars created in the Lamborghini brand. By the way, Ferruccio Lamborghini himself had a bull in a sense as the zodiac sign was Taurus. (Born April 28, 1916)

8. The first model introduced by the "bullish" name to the world was Lamborghini Miura. The sports car debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in 1966. The audience welcomed me kindly; the spectators were a bit confused, as the hood could not be opened. It was no coincidence: it was simply not a motorcycle! As the engine was still designed, the prototype was sent to a Geneva Motor Show instead of a motorcycle. Finally Miura proved to be a very good car

9. Lamborghini Countach was manufactured by the Italian company for 16 years (between 1974 and 1990). Namely, this sports car is one of the few Lamborghini models that have nothing to do with bulls and bullfights. The word "countach" comes from the Piedmontese language spoken in the north-western part of Italy in the Piedmont region. This is expression of excitement or shock and can be translated "Heaven!" According to legend, Nuccio Bertone himself exclaimed when he saw the first sketches of the future superstar

10. Lamborghini's story has not always been a success story. In 1987, the US Chrysler giant vehicle practically saved it from forgetting. In the same year, the Italian vehicle manufacturer introduced a special concept car called Portofino. The gilotine type was a four-door sedan, driven by a 3.5 liter engine driven back. Though it was only a prototype, its image and design were later embodied in many Chrysler machines

. In 1994, Lamborghini was an Indonesian investment group. The Italian brand was insecure. German Volkswagen automotive giant rescued the famous vehicle manufacturer. Since 1998, Volkswagen has directed Lamborghini through the Audi subdivision. Undoubtedly, it was mutually beneficial for both companies.

12th Modern Lamborghini design is unusual even for supercars. The steel body, which has become the signature of most Lamborghini models, is similar to combat aircraft. Designer Filippo Perini acknowledged that he was inspired by military aviation. He had a particularly impressive impression on American B-2 and F-22 while working on Lamborghini Aventador.

13th It turned out that the high performance Lamborghini V12 engine is perfect for motorboats and supercars. Such technical symbiosis is not a general thing in the automotive industry. The Riva Aquarama cruise ship has become one of the market leaders thanks to the incredible Lamborghini V12 engine's high performance and versatility.

14th Interestingly, Lamborghini cars are used by the United Arab Emirates police and Italy. It makes sense if you think about it; there is nothing to deter criminals and attract tourists as the world's fastest police car.

15th As already mentioned, Feruccio Lamborghini neglected motor sports and tried to keep him away. Nevertheless, the Italian vehicle manufacturer is reviewing this rigorous policy as today it is a disadvantage for a car manufacturer specializing in supercars to completely disregard motor sport. At present, the company has some remarkable presence in the racing world. The Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo is an example of successful cooperation between the two legendary brands. Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A and the Swiss jeweler Blancpain joined this prestigious international motorcycle race series. In 2009, the Swiss company introduced a special clock dedicated to this mono-branded championship.

16th It is surprising for anyone that the Lamborghini brand is the most impressive achievements in the car world. The latter achieved the 384 km / h speed record set by Lamborghini Huracan during the half million run

. Lamborghini has a very long and fruitful relationship with the Italian wheel manufacturer, PIRELLI. From the first day PIRELLI tires were used on all Lamborghini vehicles. The Italian automaker also created a special version of Lamborghini AVENTADOR for PIRELLI.

18th The Lamborghini AVENTADOR LP 700-4 700, where "700" is 700 holes. Indicates the engine and the "four" four-wheel drive

. Lamborghini is partly responsible for the emergence of the famous Pagani car show. The founder of Pagani Automobili S.p.A, Horacio Pagani, worked as an engineer at Lamborghini until he left his own ideas. In 1988, the renowned Argentine architect who liked to use his designer talent and created his own product created a new Pagani Automobili S.p.A. company

20. Nowadays, the Lamborghini Supercars are powered by V8 or V12 engines. The ratio of the two engine types is about 3: 1.

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