Learn how to make cartoon animations

I've been fighting with my brother since I was four. This does not mean that I have stopped now, but I know that fighting will always be for different reasons, at this age, like kids, all I care about, cartoons like Tom and Jerry, Ninja and games like PicMan or car racing, which certainly was the main cause of every struggle, the different opinions lead to different choices, of course, with a TV it is possible that the pillows will always fly in the air.

At that time, I saw only 2D animations that have evolved a lot since then, but are now moving through the huge advancement of the digital world and the huge appearance of 3D animation applications.

The main difference between 2D and 3D animation is that 2D has no thickness, focus on image processing and essence. Because everything around us is in 3D when we convert them to 2D, they lose their reality.

As soon as the 3D model is completed, unlike 2D, it can be easily controlled not only on the scene but also on the animation.

In addition, 3D S / Ws are very rich tools that fit your needs.

However, both types of animation take part in Director-General 12, which Disney presented in the 1930s (prediction, graduality, straight forward action VS for action, squash and stretching, continuation and overlapping action) , secondary action, arches, slow and slow, timing, exaggeration, solid drawing, appeal).

How to Get 3D Graphic Animation?

first Character sketch
2. Format the character model using the correct s / w
3. Build the scene to simulate the environment's advertising model
4. Position and manage the direction of lights and camera
5 Apply the right movements
6. Displaying animated video
7. Using motion tracking techniques to promote interaction between human and animated characters

Most Popular and Effective 3D Animations Softwawre:

– Cheap, Easy to Use 3D Programs
· 3D Canvas: Fun and Easy from Amabilis.com
· Xara 3D: Almost for Logos and Good Addresses
19659002] – Greater Skills 3D Animation Programs
· Pixels: Modest Costs and Advanced Modeling
· Bryce 3D: Creating Land Use Applications

– Highest Skill L eevel
· Light Wave: One of the Best Renders
· 3Ds Max: Famous in Game Manufacturing
· Softimage XSI: Integrates 2D / 3D Composer
· Maya: Provides Complex Animations and Nonlinear Modeling

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