Leo Vince Motorcycle Exhaust – Heritage and History of the Large Motorcycle Exhaust Manufacturer

All riders choose the biggest sports bike exhaust. Choose the right exhaust for you and your bicycle. You should compare many similar brands before choosing one. One of the major manufacturers of sports bike exhausts is Leo Vince .

Beginning of the Beginning

Before entering Leo Vince's current family of products, we have to look at their past to see whether they can build the absolute best exhaust gases available on the market. LeoVince exhausts are produced by Sito Gruppo Industriale in Monticello d 'Alba (Italy). Sito is the largest Powersports exhaust manufacturer worldwide, and combines the best exhaust systems available today with over 55 years of enthusiasm, wisdom and craftsmanship.

Pietro Mollo started the Sito Group in 1954 in Torin City to produce the first exhaust. In 1961, Pietro relocated Sito to the current Monticello d 'Alba site. Worldwide On-site production, R & D facilities and warehouses have over 800,000 square feet of space and employ more than 350 skilled technicians and support staff. Since Leo Vince's modest start in 1954, Sito under the direction of Gianni Mollo, Pietro's son, extends the business world around the current business model.

Contemporary and modern exhaust technology

is the latest in technology and manufacturing processes, but all products are still unique in craftsmanship known by the Leo Vince Exhaust. There is no compromise on the material or quality of the building. Materials and Techniques come from the 55-year R & D division with the highest racing teams at MotoGP, World Superbike, World Championships, Supercross, and so on. Leo Vince's involvement in the USA races is attended by AMA Superbike, Supercross, Outdoor MX, Supermoto and Grand National Flat Track. The founder proudly states; "We only build a kind of exhaust, we know the best"

Leo Vince offers exhaust system for bicycles, dirt bikes, ATVs and scooters. The development and production of the Website is particularly proud of the design and construction of complete systems as they are the ultimate test for the tuning and craft industries. The best possible performance increase results from the optimization of the entire exhaust gas flow. If you need the highest performance, the complete exhaust system is the best choice

All LeoVince exhaust systems, non-slip exhaust or full, accurate and with a geometric formula for every engine, guarantee optimum performance. The exhaust pipes have been tuned to improve the engine's features and handle the power supply of the stock carrier. These exhaust gases create long, linear power supplies that have the fingers touched by the driver anywhere and at any time.

Leo Vince occupies a special place in the heart of Ducati, and the most sought after exhaust gases are the Italian sports motorcycle manufacturer and concentrates on most Japanese bicycles and models.

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