Let the guests play a game to win an update

Sometimes guests are tired of the hotel room. They do not want to watch TV, read books or relax, but they look for something else. How about giving your guests an entertaining game that is fun to complete? Additionally, making a puzzle is also worth your choice.

Suppose one of your guests finishes their own puzzle game and puts it in the front desk to pick up the promised gift. a wonderful situation for both parties. The guest is extremely happy and proud of completing the jigsaw puzzle and receiving a wonderful gift from the hotel; but you can rest assured that this guest will not forget this experience and win it.

The gift is on the cake for the guest. If you're comfortable, make sure your guest is talking to family, friends, and colleagues about the experience. It is not at all a way to provide a guest accommodation to get a wonderful price, simply compiling a jigsaw puzzle game. That's pretty unique.

Furthermore, who says the puzzle should be simple? Nowadays you can easily create your own puzzle game. Simply put, you can choose your own layout and number of pieces. I suggest creating three levels of difficulty for jigsaws. Each level has its own prize. Guests can choose a level during their stay and have only one option. It is even harder to complete the setting when the puzzle game needs to be filled after the purchase.

Another strategy would be to have a 5000-10,000 total, a total of one week. The ending is worth two days in the accommodation for free. Follow this strategy to persuade your guests to stay longer

The whole game can be even more interesting and challenging by having the borrowed gaming machine at least half full at the checkout, otherwise doing something nonsense to the guests (for example, you can say I like XYZ HOTEL in a camera etc.

Jigsaw fillers are ideal for taking pictures that can be used for social media marketing. People who see these pictures online will ask you what it is about and it will undoubtedly create a urge for it. Imagine that you are the first accommodation store that provides such games and prizes to ordinary guests in your city. The unique solution serves the convenience of guests. This strategy adds a tremendous value to your accommodation, and value-added is one of the best ways to lift the peak and will be very successful for you.

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