Lexus LF-A – the Future of Luxury Vehicles

The Lexus LF-A concept superstore originally introduced at the 2005 North American International Motor Show (NAIAS), the car was later transformed into the Toyota Premium brand, slightly modified and restarted in Detroit in 2007 in North America International Motor Show.

The LF-A offers a bold new design to the Lexus brand and marks the beginning of a new era in the supercars. The LF-A style is rooted in the design direction known as L-finesse, and L-finesse's design direction is to redefine and redefine the 2005 model to provide a more sophisticated look that was presented by the 2007 NAIAS. The later version surpassed style and refinement; the front part makes it particularly flatter for the LF-A to provide a sporty look and provide better aerodynamics.

Prior to the introduction of LF-A, Lexus was the market leader in the manufacture of premium quality premium cars, but by launching the market, the company attempts to change its perception and aims to strengthen the market by producing robust and beautiful supercars for its customers.

The running version of the LF-A is powered by a powerful 500 horsepower V10 engine, which puts the LF-A in the same league with other gargantuan cars such as Ferrari and Lamborghini. In the concept version, the car is 5 inches shorter than the Porsche 911, but it has a 9-inch wheelbase as the 911, which is a better ride quality and good control.

Another interesting development of the LF-A is the installation of a sturdy, fixed rear wing, compared to smaller versions of other super-wheels, and the rear wing is responsible for supercharging super-speeds at high speeds. Overall, the LF-A's first engine configuration, the rear-mounted transaxle and radiators provide an excellent mass distribution; yet powerful engine, aerodynamics and revised style allow the car to reach 200 km / h.

Although LFA is in its prototype, LF-A's final product version is not expected on the corner. The LF-A prices are expected to cost $ 100,000 or more, at such a price, LF-A is truly one of the promising super cars manufactured by a Japanese car manufacturer and clearly the production version of LF-A is a major threat to Lexus's currently competitive for other luxury car manufacturers.

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