Limited amount of personalized cars – G-Power BMW 760i, top speed 345 Km

Due to the great success of the G-Power M5 Hurricane RS and the G-Power M6 Hurricane CS, the two G-Power M5 Hurricane RS and G-Power M6 Hurricane CS are powered by G-Power, the so-called "G-Power Supercars" -Power program will be inherent. The G-Power manufacturing plant is the steadily growing business of G-Power, where "G-Power Supercars" is made entirely by hand.

The approach of the company is based on a limited number of personalized cars and complete reconstruction to become the world's strongest and fastest BMW.

The latest masterpiece is the G-Power 760i Storm, which fills a gap in the BMW program: the M-Feeling for the BMW Luxusliner. The car is 725 horsepower at 345 km / h, 0-100 km / h 4.2 seconds, 0-200 km / h in 11.9 seconds.

G-Power has decided to focus on BMW's flagship in the luxury segment, developing a concept based on optimizing aerodynamics, rims and BMW's performance elements to increase engine performance. The latter can be accessed by the 6-liter V12 engine of the two "TwinPower" turbo charging machines. Compressor manufacturer ASA has significantly improved compressor performance without affecting endurance.

As a result, the maximum filling pressure of 0.5 bar rises to 0.9 bar. Further work on the engine ensures that increased pressure increases to extra performance. This adds to a further 181 horsepower (133 kW), which raises overall performance at 5,500 rpm with 725 horsepower and 1000 Nm at 2000 rpm. In order to achieve this impressive extra power, larger injectors and a completely new exhaust system for dynamic pressure reduction, including the necessary sports catalysts. The package's redesigned engine control and the BMW Series 8-speed gearbox have a significant configuration.

The powerful performance of the BMW V12 bi-turbo engine, as modified by G-Power, raises your car to the highest range of your vehicle class. At the same time, the visual appearance of the aerodynamic kit of the BMW body parts was significantly improved and developed exclusively for Vihar. The aerodynamic package improves the cold air supply to the cooling water and the oil cooler at the front of the vehicle due to the extended air inlet of the front skirt and the bonnet vent holes. These changes have improved overall cooling performance by about 15 percent.

The most prominent component of the BMW 760i G-Power aerodynamic kit is the strictly arranged carbon fiber front skirt that definitely replaces the original part. The aggressive lines of the 725 horsepower, 345 km / h, show the serial, smiling front of the current BMW 7 models. Another highlight is the Kevlar hybrid G-Power Storm hood, the central venturi bonnet ventilation that works while the vehicle is moving, and two side ABS lattice for ventilation when the car stands, including better airing of both hot turbochargers engine compartment. These features are key to the BMW 760i's new image.

The G-Power full carbon accessory for side skirts and doors provides a visually harmonious connection between the wheelbases with the look of the BMW 7 model's silhouette. The wheels themselves are the three-piece G-Power Silverstone RS aluminum wheels, which are 9,5×22 and 10,5×22 cm, with high performance Michelin tires, 265/30 ZR 22 on the front axle and 295/25 ZR 22 rear axles. The G-Power 760i Storm is designed to provide optimum grip and athletic handling, further enhanced by the G-Power sports spring kit and the 30 mm lowering.

On the rear there is a full carbon rear spoiler and a full carbon dioxide diffuser that elegantly increases the 4 x 100 mm tubular tubes with the integrated G-Power logo, while the rear axle generates more power and at the same time provides visual focus on the rear section. The interior of the car has been refined with the exterior, the central console and the dashboard with exclusive accessories such as an ergonomic athletic steering wheel, G-Power speedometer and fine carbon pipes. The extra demands of exclusive interiors can be met, including all possible skin and ultra-mocha colors.

The G-Power 760i Storm is only available in a strictly limited edition of just 10 cars worldwide and is available at a total of 365,000 euros (net) from Autenzell's G-POWER manufactory. The long version of the G-Power 760iL Storm F02 can be purchased at an additional cost of € 10,000.

G-Power was founded in 1983 and has been focusing exclusively on tune BMW cars. In 2008, the brand celebrated its 25th anniversary. G-Power holds a number of world records and the 750-horsepower BMW M5 Hurricane RS is the world's fastest limo.

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