London Excel Motor Show 2006

The London Docklands excel motor show featured the collection of new cars, concept design and car safety news; It was impressed by the French Renault manufacturer for safety. This motor show featured a 10 million pound car collection, which in my opinion was not enough for the student to miss the big supercar, including Ferrari, but still had a collection of decent cars.

One of my presentations was the new Cadillac Escalade 2007, which looked smoother and a bit longer than the older models, the most modern gadgets in the interior of the wheel that were in the wheel's own living room knew that American manufacturers were the best technology and comfort have been built into cars, and here in this show, American carmakers have noticed their muscles remarkably. Chrysler introduced the model of Chrysler 3000 touring and estate in 2007, but in my salon, but the estate has not changed my blood, this model offers standard 4 engine power in Europe, and another US model Jeep is another model of 2007 design for jeep has always remained the same with not much change in the overall design. According to the information package they say, it is said to be a "product developer that will continue to grow with new bids that take advantage of legendary jazz in the 4X4." As for me, I do not see how they can say that jeep is the leader of the 4X4 when Terrestrial Rovers and Japanese 4x4s fight and finally Dodge Caliber and Nitro. Nitro looked like some of Star Wars, more like a helmet of a storm soldier, maybe because I'm a sci-fi, so I see that.

We should not forget about the Europeans who came to the show with their usual style. I admit that the new Peugeot 907 saw it ugly and still stood as 200miles / hour on the autobahn. The Germans did not disappoint with the usual precision in their engineering work at the newly-looking Mercedes Mclaren, which I'm sure all the technology from which a racing car is built will get into the road car, the new Alfa Romeo spider it looks as if it was smooth, just like Italy was always as sexy as the cars. As for the British, it did not disappoint with their usual style and luxury style against Bentley, I'm sure the new Bentley will be featured on a new rap video, because it's a car we need to see. Other British carmakers, such as the rover inland and I really liked the new freelance. Just like the new and better range rover.

The BMWs were out of the show, which I think was a mistake because only BMW loving people would have noticed when they entered the show, but they also offered a wide range of cars, which was a boy race for joy and Students celeb enjoying the luxury of the 7 Series BMW I was horrified when I saw the 4-door version of an Aston Martin as far as I'm concerned, this is the worst car in the show no matter whoever tells me Aston Martin is still a 2 door car, the version I saw in the show was like the back of a Aston martin front and a vectra, which I knew would be a huge mistake when continuing this version could be ended like De Lorean DMC-12 error.

Asian manufacturers such as Toyota, Lexus, Nissan, Honda and Mazda have come up with new cars to show The Mazda roadster coupe is a bit too small for me but it looked like a car you could get your wife or girlfriend looks cool, the usual blend of Japanese design is new cars and their vision in the concept cars of the market, these cars I call toys that I always like to watch, what we can do in the near future, I have not seen so much in this show concept car I would like but what I saw was an excellent design and happy future in car design. The KIA car company was present at the show and launched a new car on the market, and Luke had a warm feeling about the car they planned, and it seems to me that there is not much imagination and another car on the market, but that's just my opinion.

The best part of my presentation was the test drive for me to see the benefits of technology for the 4 wheel security. I was impressed by. I went to the 4X4 track track for the usual rocks and logs, and that was okay but what took my breath, it was climbing at a 35 degree angle, I meant sitting in the 4X4 booth right up in the sky for a moment I felt that the car slipped onto the roof and then down from the climber, the driver drove his foot off the pedals and showed us the Toyota safety of the design, which is sure to include many other 4x4s. When descending on any steep slope, Toyota slows down to allow the car to walk straight ahead on a steep surface.

I think you have to be able to understand how I felt at the 4X4 meeting, thinking it was upside down and saying the London 4X4 car driver did not change. There is no need to drive such a huge vehicle in London.

In all shows, it was the coolest car on the concert and when I meant it cool, I mean, it was cool to have the display turned up to promote the new bio-fuel car. There was ice, it was a bit of ice, not a working car, but a life-size six and a half-ton bio-fueled car of the ford focus coupe cabriolet, due to the new release, there was a sculptor team for a fortnight for a massive freezer at -10degree.

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