LONGING LY-250: RC Racing Drone with optional upgrade elements

For RC Drone fans, the racing car is wonderful because it improves flight skills. In this article I will show you an excellent LONGING LY-250 product with optional upgrade parts. The article consists of four parts, including design, function, configuration, and specifications.


The design of LONGING LY-250 originally came from 4WD Fighter, providing simple upgrade and maintenance. It has a shape like the uterus and the red body color. As a result, LY250 has Red Bee nickname. In addition, it has a hollow body that provides the benefits of reducing weight, effectively elevates the elevator and stabilizes stability. With its creative, durable base frame module, it provides the most important protection in important parts of the collision.


Precisely this competitive advantage is an obvious feature of optional upgrade components. That means you can choose your favorite airplane parts to build your own racing car. Otherwise, the optional parts include battery, dome, engine, propeller, base frame module and camera module.

In addition, there is an LED buzzer with alarm system. The buzzer will alert you to avoid injury. Taking into account flight skills, it supports three flight modes: self-stabilizing mode, 3D flight mode, and full manual mode.


From the configuration point of view, I will present two parts, the battery and the camera. Both are the standard configuration.

Firstly, the 7.4V 2S is configured with a secure Li-ion 18650 battery with a standard capacity of 2,500 mAh. Environmentally friendly, recyclable. Powerful battery packs support nearly 15 minutes flying time.

Also a small camera with 648 x 488 resolution. FOV has a 120 degree, 1.8 focal length and 60 fps / NTSC transfer rate.

Weight (with battery and propellers): 398 g

Diagonal size: 250 mm

Maximum speed: 110 km / h

Max. Level: 6000m

Default height limit: 120m above the take-off point

Operating temperature: -15 ° C to 40 ° C

Engine: 2204 without brushes 2300kv

Battery: 2500 mAh Li – 19659006] Camera Resolution: 648 x 488 pixels

Lens: FOV120 ° IR infrared radiation interference-free filter


Generally speaking, the LONGING LY-250 is a prominent product. If you are looking for a DIY racing car, you can not leave it. I promise you will like it.

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