Look at the Iconic Cars over the years

Most cars do not last forever, resulting in a lot of engines coming out of the spotlight. However, some of them are so beautiful and iconic that they are typing in the car's history, even if the last model left the production line. Even better, some of them are re-invented and still appear in today's market. So here's a glimpse of the biggest cars in history.


Probably one of its best BMWs, the BMW M1 was the only and the first mid-engine BMW that was mass production. The racing car was originally created within the BMW / Lamborghini partnership after conflicts came about, and decided that BMW was producing the car itself and how successful it was. In 2004, it was the tenth place in the Top Sports cars list for Sports Car international & # 39; in the 1970s.

The great German manufacturer delivered great luxury suits such as the BMW 7. The drivers have stated that this is a relaxing but dynamic driving experience. A wide range of intelligent technology, such as projecting the dashboard to the windshield, certainly suits you.

Jaguar E-Type

Jaguar's 80th Anniversary is coming next year and has many things to celebrate! The E-type was a major step forward and was first announced in 1961. Although the XK120 was similar to the 40s, the new sensation and spirit became one of the most famous sports cars in history. During the next thirteen years, seventy thousand E-types have been built.

Now we can enjoy the luxurious Jaguar XKR Cabrio with open, folding and woven mesh. The stylish design meets the Jaguar XKR's performance and technical excellence. If you are looking for more sophisticated vehicles, then Jaguar XF can be for you. Although the characteristics of a sports car, the luxury business class cabin belongs to the class and maturity category.

Porsche 911

We've stayed the best here last night! The icon & # 39; is not used with the Porsche 911 easily. Its unique voice is exciting and has maintained the life of the model for more than fifty years. In the car world, it is unusual for a single production line to last for so long, and this is a proof of pure excellence.

The Porsche 911 Turbo accelerates to 100 km / h in 3.9 seconds, which is just one of this car.

Undoubtedly, these cars will remember for many decades, and hopefully there will be some great supercar that will be the best ones there.

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