Maintenance of the car as a pros

If you drive BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Ferrari or any other high-end luxury car, it probably looks just as good if it's better than when you first cut off the bargain. The good news is that it is very easy to keep it when you look good, and it's even better than the day. The bad news is that the car looks good, not cheap. Professionals can charge hundreds of thousands of dollars to top quality jobs. This is associated with the fact that cars must always be detailed in 2 or 3 months detail.

There are many economic details that can easily wash and make the car under $ 100. These details typically work harder and use lower products. This raises the question of why top-quality luxury cars are more detailed about the details of the economy. The answer is on the products they use. In the market, a wide range of car care products are available at different prices. The typical 8 oz "economical" car wax can be bought for about $ 12.00. On the other side of the spectrum an 8 oz "premium" car wax can cost over $ 1,000. Such car waxes that fall into this range are usually sold to today's Super Cars, which cost more than $ 200,000.00; the paint works over $ 10,000 are running. For a moderate class of luxury cars, each tank per 10000 dollars.

Now is the real question who makes this wax ! The answer is Zymol. Zymol is the highest manufacturer of automotive car care products. A very basic and entry-level wax is the carbon sponge. This wax cost $ 49.00 and provides many applications. For increased gloss, Zymol Concours Wax can be selected. This wax is $ 175.00 and is perfect for someone trying to get car details to the next level.

We can ask why they spend so much on the car wax and what's the difference in price waxes. The only word is the answer carnauba . Carnauba is a wax from Carnauba palm leaves, born and raised only in North-Brazil. The more karnauba wax content increases the reflective light and protection when used for a car.

In addition to wax, some "secret" product definitions can be used to achieve professional results. One product is HD-Cleanse. This product is used after washing and applying the wax to the completion of a car. The purpose of this product is to remove dead oxidized paint, moderate scratches, accumulated road foil, tar and acid rain that are left after washing. To go one step further, experts use a Clay Bar to see the remaining small particles of pollutants with the naked eye.

So what's the point? The purpose of this article is to let all car fans tell you that you do not have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay someone for the details. Now you can find out how to get professional results for a fraction of the cost simply by purchasing products used by professionals.

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