Mazda – the car manufacturer

Mazda, the Japanese car manufacturer, now boasts the world's largest car – the Mazda 2. This particular model also won the title of its 2008 world-leading car. So where is Mazda Corp. located? What is that? Look at it!

Mazda Motor Corporation is a Japanese car manufacturer located in Hiroshima, Japan. As a machine manufacturer in 1931, the machine manufacturer started with the introduction of Mazda-GO. This is a pioneer in the development of the rotary engine and its vehicles because of their rated power and light weight. The R100 and the famous RX series in the 70s on the North American market were very successful for Mazda.

Lay backs
The 1973 oil crisis, however, had a very bad impact on sales, as rotary engines consumed large amounts of reciprocating engines. Then Mazda entered into a partnership with Ford Motor Company. Now everyone remembers the Explorer model from Ford, which is the best-selling sports car in the United States. Well, Mazda helped Ford develop. Then there was the Mazda Roadster, the car was approved not only to revive the interest in small racing cars, but also to encourage other manufacturers.

And how did this Mazda 2 come about? Ford approached Mazda to make a B-segment small car. This led to the development of Mazda Demio. The third generation of Demio is the year that captured the title of the world car of the year. This just shows that this light car can pack a heavyweight punch on the global stage.
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