McLaren MP4-12C Velocita COR rims and carbon fiber

After a few years, McLaren made a big boost from the construction of cars to stealing headlines from two new super cars, the first being the new MP4-12C. The new mid-engine supercar offers an excellent blend of daily driving dynamics and high performance driving characteristics at home on the racing track or on the road. The new MP4-12C has been available to dealers worldwide for more than six months and many post-tuning companies have already designed and upgraded them. One company, DMC Tuning in Germany, has decided to look forward to fine-tuning the update program to create the best upgrade program for the new supercar. The new carbon fiber modernization program "Velocita" includes aerodynamic body work, a new exhaust system, and lightweight COR alloy made of forged aluminum alloy.

The first part of the new update program was aerodynamics. McLaren MP4-12C. The German after-sales tuning company has developed a carbon fiber body kit with advanced CAD software and long wind tunnel testing to create a functional feature with OEM equipment. The new body kit consists of a new front cover that uses new lattice inserts and a distributor to create an effort on the front axle and improve cooling of the front radiators and braking systems. A couple of new side edges help to extract air from the new set of rear COR rims and reduce the pull of the supercar. At the rear of the MP4-12C Velocita, there is a new diffuser with double ribs, which helps the suction effect on the cover of the non-power transmission with the cover and the large rear spoiler.

The next step was motor. The 3.8-liter dual V-8 turbocharged engine is equipped with a new lightweight titanium exhaust, which improves performance. From the exhaust pipe to the rear exhaust pipes, everything is made of titanium to reduce weight and back pressure for better performance. As a result, we send more than 600 brake horsepower to every rear COR wheel with a second 3.5 second 0-62 mph acceleration time.

The final aspect of the new supercar, which the team updated in DMC Tuning. the new McLaren MP4-12C Velocita program is the wheel and tire setting. The team has chosen a new set of forged aluminum alloy COR wheels to minimize the weight of the hub. The wheels on the front and rear axles are equipped with 21-inch, 255/30 ZR21 front and 355/25 ZR21 Continental Sport Contact high performance tires for better grip

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