Mercedes 126 repair – European headlights

Significant improvements are achieved with the performance of the Mercedes 126 headlamps by replacing the DOT-approved units with original European headlamps. There is also a great aesthetic advantage.

In particular, in the early 1986 (first generation) of 126 cars, the DOT-approved headlamps in the US market were extremely ineffective as the Bosch lamps installed in Europe. It's hard to forgive, but the difference in light output is almost night and day. We can only suppose that this regrettable situation is due to the federal rules of the individual congressional presidents, which protect the business interests of businesses within their own area. The rules have increased the demand for traditional closed-door luminaires to the detriment of road safety.

Original H-4 "Euro" lights are still new from Bosch, but they are very expensive. Fortunately, well-used units are also available from domestic and European sellers. And there are secondary copies of Depo, like Depo, which seem almost as good (but not yet ready). Glass lenses can be purchased separately for damage, but the internal parts can no longer be purchased separately.

In addition to the exclusive reflective and objective design, Euro Lamps provide the Mercedes owner with the flexibility of light filament lamps without replacing the unit. The performance of the lights can be further enhanced by high performance or over-rated bulbs. By saying this, it is important to let the wires overload the lights. Although the Mercedes wiring is better than most, there is a point where unnecessary heat can damage the wires and the voltage drop would hinder performance. These problems can be eliminated by using relays. But for most drivers, the standard European bulb output is more than adequate.

The European headlamps offer city light – a small 4-watt bulb that can easily be connected to the existing circuit for additional signals, providing additional forecasts. The lovers also have a vacuum-controlled height adjustment function for adjusting the lights inside the lorry during heavy loads. Understanding the vacuum circuit of the car is necessary for this change, but this is not difficult.

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