Mercedes 126 Repair – Forgotten Liquids, Part I

While the most responsible Mercedes owners remember that their engine oil is reasonably changed, not everyone remembers taking care of the lubricant's other lubricants. This article undoubtedly focuses on the most heavily neglected fluid: the gear oil in the rear differential.


Most Mercedes 126 models have "open" differential, although some later models have come with a limited slip differential. The former do not require much attention and are really very strong. The hot rodders have found that the rear differential of 380SE can handle up to 800 inches through the rear wheels. But that does not mean we can completely forget it. The gear oil is approx. Should be changed at 100,000 miles or in every 50,000 heavy-duty plant. If you are too long, you will eventually lose your ability to lubricate and begin to compare frothy pea soup! (You do not feel too good too!)

Liquid capacity is only approx. 1.5 quart, so there is no excuse not to use "good things". Amsoil, Redline and Royal Purple produce high quality synthetic gear oils, typically 75W-90 viscosity. Just like with oil change, it works best with fluid at operating temperature. The two plugs, the top filler and the lower drainage, have a 14 mm hex key, and are generally extremely difficult to bend. A long break bar is required. Be sure to unplug the charger first, because if you remove the drain plug and find the filler, you have a problem. Melting ice cubes into the 14 mm plug of the charger plug can help loosen during heat treatment.

Recharging is much easier with a small oil pump. Simply charge until the gear oil level matches the filler hole; when you start to see the threads you know about it being done. To ensure accurate charging, the car must be at the level of this operation, though this is not critical. If you leave the mast on the back of the car, a slight overfill occurs. Turn the plugs to 50Nm (37 lbs / ft).

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