Mercedes SLS – electric supercar

Mercedes has been producing high performance cars for years and has been offering exciting power cars. If Mercedes's high performance cars are not enough, Mercedes has the tuning brand called AMG that is highly tuned and produces some racing-driven racing cars based on the current Mercedes model.

Mercedes, as an innovative brand, turned Tesla into the electric platform. Mercedes SLS's new version of electric vehicle, electric supercar can work

What is it.

Mercedes has developed a unique high-tech electric car based on Mercedes SLS's sports car. While the "normal" Mercedes SLS AMG, powered by a 6.2-liter V8 engine, has 583 hp, 581 hp and the Mercedes E-SLS 751 horsepower, as electric motors stop all available torque, this huge power difference even more prominent.

According to Mercedes, the Mercedes SLS AMG 0-100 kph (0-62 mph) is 3.7 seconds, while the electric Mercedes E-SLS accelerates in 3.9 seconds at the same speed, this does not make a big difference we should consider that the Mercedes E – SLS weighs more than 500 kg more than the standard model, which of course shows numbers.

Powerful electric motor allows instant power output, Mercedes E – SLS to overcome heavy weight and extraordinary performance. Unfortunately, enjoying the high availability of direct power and power comes price, the batteries are exhausted very fast, and it takes about 20 hours to recharge.

The effect.

With ever-changing regulatory demands, emission standards, pressure on car manufacturers to reduce fuel consumption, engine size, engine performance, and engine noise, it seemed that the days of high performance supercars would end.

The latest innovations in the design of electric motors and high power electric elements change the game. Tesla has proved that a sporty electric car is viable with Tesla Roadster and Tesla Model S, powerful electric platforms.

Mercedes wanted to show an electric superstructure with the Mercedes E – SLS and they did it, the unique features, performance and usability (if a bit limited in the race) prove that there will always be a super – performing car. a decent price tag, in this case $ 200,000.

New technologies prove that a high performance car will not disappear in the market. As long as there is a demand for high performance cars and dedicated racing cars, technology will be a response.

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