Micro Reality Racing: What's the thrill of Micro Reality Stock Car Racing?

Have you ever been on a fair, festive, corporate picnic or other indoor or outdoor gathering, and I've seen it on a huge racing track that's about two in garage sizes? Did this race track contain a large number of people around him and excitedly screaming his lungs? Perhaps this racing track was under the canopy of the huge inflatable tent on top of a checkered flag design? When you moved closer to see what excitement was, you found four or six 1/10-scale Sprint Cup Replica NASCAR cars run by the full-size steering wheel remote control? If so, then you can see the action of Micro Reality Racing. Micro Reality Stock Car Racing is an attraction that is approx. It has been in operation for 15 years and has swept the nation into the most attractive entertainment for children between the ages of 3 and 83. In the Atlantic Ocean, there are three brothers Namanny Brothers. They have made a great deal of money making and they have decided to produce it in bulk so that other entrepreneurs have the opportunity to make large part-time or full-time income for the contestants in the public and private meetings people.

There are different formats that can be Micro Reality events. The three main options are pay-per-play, private rental and fundraising. A pay-per-play tournament is a place where Micro Reality Racing works as a vendor, setting up the pitch at a public venue and eliminating each competitor to buy a car and compete for a specified time or number of sums. A typical race would be between 2 to 3 minutes or 12 to 15 laps. The typical prize of the race would be between $ 3 and $ 5, depending on what event, region and demographic values ​​of the crowd. Sometimes, sellers offer discounts for several races, for example, two races for $ 5. Typical venues for pay-per-play events include fairs, festivals, shopping centers, car races and carnivals. The main disadvantage of this type of event is that revenue entry depends on several factors, such as weather, location, and mass distribution. In spite of the fact that a substantial amount of revenue is generated from events occurring between 2 and 14 days, there is a possibility of losing money even if the income does not exceed the rent, fuel, accommodation costs and insurance premiums.

Private rental when the Micro Reality Stock Car Racing trainer's planner or event organizer offers you the chance to show unlimited racers of the event at a specific time and place during the event. Instead of paying event organizers for a contest, Micro Reality will be paid by event organizers or coordinator of the event to ensure unlimited racing for an accepted number of hours. This kind of solution is better for the owner of Micro Reality Racing, as money is guaranteed and usually pays a 50% down payment and is paid off at the end of the event. With a satisfied event coordinator, the Micro Reality Course has been backing for repeat business for years if the event is annual. The event designer also plans a well-executed operation for other features scheduled throughout the year. There is also a good opportunity to refer to other event coordinators as well. Types of private rentals: birthday parties, corporate hospitality events, corporate picnics, team building retreats, and church excursions

The basic accelerator is similar to the pay-per-play event, but usually between the Micro Reality Stock Car Racing and event coordinators. The revenue share is divided anywhere 90/10 divided by 50/50. During this type of event, the track owner and the coordinator of the event agree to a ticket system, so revenue can be traced.

The Micro Reality Racing system consists of 18 modular stages that are similar to the table with two legs. There are twelve 15 degree arched sections and six straight sections. The track can be configured in up to 9 different layouts, whatever from a small 10 "x 10" round up to 25 "up to 30" Indianapolis Brickyard layout. There are various oval, overhanging oval and asymmetric layouts that can be set up. Cars are replicated with NASCAR dyeing programs, and usually compete for four or six cars at the same time. Drivers operate the vehicles behind the full-size steering consoles, which are equipped with an internal radio connection. The most successful track owners also track the circles with a digital circuit counter. Some manufacturers have a computer and bill counting software, which shows the competition statistics on an LCD monitor.

The Micro Reality Stock Car Racing system is able to entertain the masses in a variety of ways at your next event. Although the events and venues are in many variations, one of the things that will be consistent for all of us is the great excitement among the crowd and the participants of Micro Reality Racing.

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