Minimoto Carbon Race Reed Installation Guide

Minimoto Carbon Reed is a lightweight fit section designed to provide optimum engine-feeding conditions that provides great advances in acceleration and maximum speed. Standard air-cooled Chinese minitans are made of stainless steel and are highly prone to wrinkling at high speeds, resulting in loss of performance and engine crash. Follow the easy to follow instructions to install the performance-producing carbon layers: – [19659002] Installing Minimoto Coils

1) First, remove the black air filter unit from the back of the carburetor by removing and removing the two end caps

2) Be sure to turn off the benzine cap and remove the benzine from the carburettor by lowering the retaining pin and gently pull it off.

3) Remove the bumper top of the carburetor and gently lift the throttle valve connected to the throttle cable.

4) Then unscrew and remove the two screws through the carburettor body that secures the engine and lift the carbohydrate.

5) Remove and remove the 4 screws that retain the carburettor distributor and reed element and lift the clean surface.

6) The reed block has two transverse screws holding the reed (the standard reed is stainless and split). Remove the two crosshead screws, remove the standard stainless steel reed and replace the bar.
Note: To achieve greater power, use a small saw (this is optional) to remove the middle bar of the reed distributor.

7) Now just turn the procedure back with threaded closure using each screw so that it does not flicker loosely.

Now enjoy and enjoy the performance of newly-equipped carbon fiber reeds.

Minimotos4u carbon-based jugs are made of pre-preg double laminated carbon fiber sheets cut to the 0.1 mm tolerance limit.

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