Mobil 1 Racing Academy

What are you doing in a top class online racing game? Well, the answer is different for each person. However, there are usually very good graphics, many in-game options, different types of racing cars, spectacular trails and breathtaking challenges. Mobil 1 Racing Academy is a game that includes all the features mentioned above and much more. Do yourself a favor by giving yourself the chance to play this cool online game. This is a nearly perfect online game designed with all the gamers looking for in an online racing game. It has to be said that game developers have managed to reach the bull's eye.

In order to get the most out of the game, a registered player must have, as it allows you to save the points and the game settings, which in turn compete for the race. He will have the opportunity to choose from two expert racers to be his mentor at the Athlete's Academy. Two mentors can choose between Lewis Hamilton and Tony Stewart. Their experience, expertise and instructions can be very useful for deciding on the outcome of the tournaments. If you choose Hamilton as your mentor, you will start Karting, then Formula 3 and eventually Formula One. He chooses Tony Stewart as mentor, starts with Midget Cars, then Indy Cars and finally NASCAR. The game allows you to switch between two mentors by clicking on the garage door.

As you take part in the tournament races, including the best racers in the academy, you should try to get into a good position, perhaps the first position to get maximum points. The points you have acquired can be used for the beneficial update that will further prepare you for the tournaments ahead. Always be mentally prepared to face ever-greater challenges as the game develops, but this is nothing to complain about because it comes through the election.

Challenges of the competition start with relative ease in the game, but the difficulties continue to crawl as the game progresses. As you play in the game, you will certainly improve your driving skills. There are ads in the game, but they always appear with the skipping option, which is definitely a very popular feature of the game. All in all, this is an online gaming contest, especially if you are a fan fan.

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