Model Set Researching the Model's Authenticity

Researching a Model Set

This is an area of ​​model manufacturing that is often ignored but can make any difference after finishing the model.

When creating a model set, it's worth spending some time with research to make the finished model more authentic.

There are a few ways to do this: –

Books – If you build a model that interests you (and even then), you already have a few books on the subject.

If you build a racing car (Motogp, Superbike, etc.), then it would be the best recommended motorcycle, this year, and a review of the world's highest-level motorcycle racing car. As a yearly publication, if you make a model from 1995, the 1995 Motocourse book comes from that year. However, these books can be very collected and it is difficult to find or spend a purchase, so try the library or local bicycle shop if you have any problems.

If this is a car you're doing, the equivalent book would be Autocourse; but this only applies to Formula 1. There is a Rallycourse, Champ Car and some others in the series to control. There is a monthly Motorsport magazine, the Autosport Monthly, which includes most of the four-wheeled series of competitions and a good source of information.

Internet – This is probably the best place to find specific pictures or information about the model. Below I use some useful links that researchers used / used: – This is the first place to look at; covers most of the 2 and 4 wheeled motor sports.

If you still can not find the images you're looking for, you can search on Google by the driver / driver of the particular car / bike or by your team sponsor.

Sponsor of most motor sports teams is linked to an official motor sports venue.

For example, "Mild Seven" who sponsored the Renault Formula 1 team has introduced a link to search for

. Camel Yamaha & # 39; adult .

This is very useful if you still need pictures.

If you are building a road bike or road vehicle, it's a bit easier to find useful images as more resources are available through ads.

Different images are available on the manufacturer's site if you can use your current model.

If you still can not find what you are looking for, search on Google or a similar search engine for your model, year, etc. For her, or looking for a forum that is related to what you build and ask a question, you know that you are looking for some pictures, you will be amazed how useful it is.

You will need to set up a set of ready-made sample sets that are as effective as possible.

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