Most Popular Cars

People often ask me about the most popular cars that are the best that makes the car so popular?

At one time, the most popular car in the UK was the Ford Escort, so you might think this is the best car you can buy. Hold on, this is not true, it was not even the best car in its class, so what gives it.

There are many things because, as many drivers are the best, you do not really need to have a car to be one of the most popular car types and have other important items in your portfolio than you buy, to run, maintain, reliable and easy to drive.

The most popular cars have to buy the cost, renegotiating the competitors' costs at commercial and competitive rates sold by the dealer, so the profit of the car sold is not big, it is good news for the buyer and the manufacturer to try to ensure the car's popularity, it also tells you to sell numbers.

The new car will be used for cars, many choices are beginning to appear on the market, the price becomes a problem, most popular cars are usually devalued quite quickly due to numbers trying to find a potential buyer.

To return to the other important criteria, the cost of running the most popular cars is the lowest, gasoline / diesel consumption will be good, service costs must be set at the lower end of the scale so the car is popular with the public. Components are common and reliably cheap.

The fact that most popular cars have another important component for drivers are very, very reliable.

The most expensive car insurance costs are in the lowest categories, providing easy assurance to most drivers, young and not too young find the majority of insurers who are delighted to offer a fair deal, trying to compare the costs of a used 1.4 Ford Fiesta for a Mazda MX5 of the same age up to a 25 year old!

Another point to picking up on the list of favorite cars is their easy driving, the seats are fine, the controls are simple but effective, the gearbox, though it's not as easy as it gets in the dark, so called super cars are a problem!

In summary, most popular cars are inexpensive, easy to assure and serve, parts at the lower end of the market, easy to drive and dependable as you can.

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