Moto GP – Rossi, Pedrosa, Stoner – A Speed ​​Masters in Action

Last weekend, the Moto GP World Championship held sixth race in the French Speedway – Le Mans Bugatti Circuit since 1968. Currently participating in the 60th edition of the competition, Yamaha, Honda, Ducati, Suzuki and Kawasaki.

In addition, the five most successful drivers who had previously led the scoreboard were the first in 97 points from Italy, Valentino Rossi, Spanish Dani Pedrosa and Jorge Lorenzo both scored 94 points second and third, Casey Stoner from Australia 56 points and fifth Colin Edwards with a total of 47 points.

Last Sunday Italian Valentino Rossi, who is preparing for Yamaha, won twice as he became the French champion after his former Chinese victory; this victory is his 90th victory, taking him to the first position next to the overall tables, bound to the famous Nieto Angel.

"Nieto's tie is like a dream," said Rossi, who won the Shanghai GP two weeks ago. "I did not expect to be so fast, but after the warm-up we made some changes and the engine worked well." "I have not won two contests since 2006, which means we're going back to business."

Rossi's recent victory is surely an incredible achievement, as the Australian champion Stoner led the lead, but unfortunately Stoner had to retire on lap 20 because of the mechanical failure of the machine. Pedroson who pushed Honda, but Rossi and Lorenzo made progress when Rossi won the first place, and the Spanish who also rides to Yamaha has shown the magnificent display of skill and speed skills for the second time.

Many people think this is surely an Italian business, as this is the first time that Rossi has been at the top of the list since the 2007 Spanish victory over Jerez. Rossi, seven-time world champion for 44 minutes and 30.79 seconds. It is a very positive situation for the manufacturer of Yahama, and now he has a total of 115 points from two second places in Qatar and Spain, followed by three consecutive wins in Portugal, China and France. On the other hand, the Japanese manufacturer is Honda 94 points and the Italian Ducati in third place with 61 points.

The fast knights meet again on June 1 at the Italian Mugello Circuit at a new round of Moto GP's best racing competition. This round has been Rossi since 2002 when he first won the competition and reiterated the last six seasons. Rossi's experience includes the three Wold Championships from 125cc – 1997, 250cc – 1999 and 500cc – 2001 and MotoGP – 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005.

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