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The MotoGP Championship Series will start on April 11, 2010 and this year's new calendar will be in place, replacing the 250-inch 2-stroke machines, the new 600-inch 4-stroke Moto2 championship will use a Honda motorcycle that does not in any way and Dunlop's tires. Of course, more emphasis should be placed on the team and the riders in the championship when they fight to find out who will be the starting champion.

The only thing the team can break is the motorcycle chassis and suspension settings to rest on the rider. This has led many experts to see the new Moto2 Championship really close to racing, some suggest that even the Superbike and World Supersport paddocks are able to defeat.

Naturally, Dorna's governing body modifies the format for the tournament once again caused a breakdown of product development for teams, and this product development looks like it will continue in the opening round of the tournament and all the way.

New Honda engines will not be completely sure that the new chassis will deal with excessive power over the standard Honda CBR600RR engine for the next half-month prior to the opening round of the championship that most team tested. This means that over the past few weeks we see a breakthrough in product development leading to the opening round, as the teams are drastically trying to strangle a monster of a motorcycle.

Looking at a few bikes on the paddock, they are thinking about the motorcycle market and especially the 600cc market as the credit risk development on the markets has not existed and it almost seems that a number of teams have completed Honda product development and design, Yamaha or any another big brand. There are super sexy designs and models around the paddock, and you can easily see some of these plans that go some way on the road.

If you want to see the latest Moto2 models for product development in 2010, you will definitely not miss the opening ceremony of the tournament in Qatar on April 11th.

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