NASCAR is a sport that started in the 1940's in America. It all began when different men picked up their legitimate vehicles on the street to leave the cops for illegal moonlight. These people will find time to compete with the famous Daytona Beach Daytona, FL. There was not enough money in the competition as in the moonshine business, so these men continued to run out of the cops and took part in this illegal activity, but felt more and more excited.

The time has come for these tournaments to be famous and many have paid ticket prices to see these different men on the famous beach. That was the excitement for them. Watching cars on the "track" shore, on the shore, on the asphalt side. A man named Bill France saw the opportunity to turn this competition into big, big American sports. So in 1948 he and several other men met and set up the National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing, NASCAR.

This is the country's highest TV quality and highest in North American Motorsport. This is just secondary to the NFL's overall television rating and the only number of spectators in North America. Indianapolis 500, one of the world's most famous race races, does not attract as many TV viewers as the 600 coke. The Coke 600 is NASCAR's longest race, which is 600 miles long and "is just another race," so this is something that the race was so big. (They run on the same day). In addition to the more than 250,000 Indy 500 packages, NASCAR is the largest participant in sports events in the United States. In fact NASCAR has 17 sporting events each year.

The world is in a bad economy than late, and unfortunately NASCAR did not escape the damage. As a result, many fans did not show up on the track, and although this is still the largest crowd based on the number one sportsman, he loses the strength he never fought in the 90s. The nineties were the best years for NASCAR, as the masses could not be isolated and television reviews were conducted through the roof. As time started from the 60's and 70's, NASCAR was slowly moving from the tightly stocked cars to the highly competitive cars. Cars in the nineties, despite the fact that they left the cargo vehicles, there is still much to do with cars straddled. But in the nineties, there were other great strengths that made them great … while falling a lot in the 2000s.

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