Natural gas for cars, green, but not smart

Natural gas or CNG (compressed natural gas) is an alternative fuel in the USA. But this is not the case everywhere. In Thailand, Argentina or Italy it is a very popular fuel, not far from the mainstream, using hundreds of thousands of drivers. CNG is growing in Germany, Switzerland and Malaysia.

If the United States followed these examples? Before answering, we must measure the advantages and disadvantages of natural gas as a fuel.

The first advantage is that natural gas is readily available anywhere in the world and that reserves are abundant. Everyone talks about the slider, but who ever heard of peak gas? There is also a strategic issue here, because oil is often from non-friendly countries where natural gas can be pumped from the heart of America. Europe is less important because the choice between Middle East oil and Russian gas is not easy.

Second, natural gas is cleaner than gasoline or diesel. There is much less toxic emissions, and so the EPA raises CNG cars so high. If air quality is a concern, CNG is the best choice and no one can argue against it. When it comes to greenhouse gas emissions, natural gas is also better than regular fuel. Here we can give you some numbers. According to the gross estimate, the petrol engine would convert natural gas into new fuel, reduce nitrogen oxides (NOx) by about two-thirds and reduce CO2 emissions by nearly one fifth. These are essential developments!

Third, all petrol cars can be converted to CNG. All you need is new injectors, new fuel lines that are placed in a new gas tank, and new software for electronic control of the engine. Some professionals say they can only convert one car on a single business day.

Fourth, a cost advantage over the world, natural gas is less taxable than gasoline. Filling the tank is cheaper and cost per mile decreases. But the disadvantages are never far away, the first is that you need to recharge more often. This is a problematic issue: natural gas has very low energy density. That's why it's compressed. CNG containers hold gas at 200 or 350 bar (5000 psi), but even at 350 bar, a CNG tank should be 3 times larger than a gas tank to hold the same energy.

This is not the case most often. So cars running on natural gas have a shorter range than their gasoline counterparts and have a much smaller strain because the CNG tank should be somewhere. It also increases weight as it has to withstand pressure, ie it should be made of heavy steel. In the future, CNG tanks are likely to be made of composite materials that are very hard but light, but they are very expensive.

Treatment of natural gas is also less friendly at the pump. Ensure that the connection is leakproof and that the flow is slower than gasoline. Recharges in 5 minutes instead of 3. Another problem when starting the car. When using a divalent vehicle or dual fuel that can run on petrol or CNG, it immediately detects that it is fueled with gaseous fuel. The difference can be up to 25%!

If the car is running slowly with petrol, don't think about converting to CNG. Last but not least, the alternative fuel stations are small and far away. Unless you live in a big city, there may be no stations that sell natural gas anywhere. Maybe your home has natural gas, but the house shops are too small to fill the car tank. Unless you treat 12-hour refills, this is not an option.

All this leads to the conclusion that CNG is not the great solution that partisans want if they believe it. But there may be a way to combine the benefits of natural gas with the benefits of regular gasoline. Not rocket science, the oil industry needs to know how to do it, to convert natural gas into liquid fuel. This is called GTL (Gas-To-Liquid).

Shell has already done this in the huge Pearl project in Qatar. There is no need to change the car, because the new fuel is of the same quality as the regular gasoline, and can sell the former gas on any conventional pump at every petrol station in the country. All the necessary investments are made at the refinery. The good points of CNG remain, the general fuel like regular gasoline, and as easy to handle as regular gasoline.

So now we can see who the people who want to convert Americans to CNG. People who want to invest in basic motors, but who do not want to invest, fuel managers are ready to use immediately.

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