Need for Speed ​​- An evolutionary game

Electronic Arts has done it again. The Need For Speed ​​series is avenged, and thanks to the huge success of the Underground Series. Need for Speed ​​was born in 1994 with Road & Track Presents: Need for Speed. The original game was focused on realism, and was more of a driving simulator than a gameplay game. This included high-speed police persecution, which was highly popular with the game. Need For Speed ​​II did not include police car persecution and had more arcade feelings.

There was a separate release in each of the first two games. The sequel did not meet the expectations, so EA returned to Need For Speed ​​III: Hot Pursuit police persecution. It was still the arcade tournament, but the way Hot Pursuit was deeper than the first game and became even more enjoyable. He still had the opportunity for the cops. EA followed its success by launching the 1999 Need For Speed: High Stakes / Road Challenge. Fans have mixed feelings about this detail and complained that the game had too many similarities to Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit. But the game had some new innovations. This was the first game of the series of damaging models. You also had a career where you purchased cars and upgraded them through races.

The next version of the series Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed. Although he had great success among Porsche fans and did a great job with the extensive coverage of Porsche's story, there was no diversity of previous games. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 appeared two years later, but it was not as successful as the first Hot Pursuit due to the huge presence of arcade style tournaments.

EA is Need For Speed ​​Underground. The game was still arcade and there was no harm model. But it did not endanger the success of the game. The introduction of import tuners and car customization was one of the fans. The game was completely renovated to showcase a story to make it more interesting. The combination of hundreds of different remanufactured parts that can be installed on the car has given the game a variety of variants and moods.

The sound was excellent and perfectly matched to the atmosphere of underground contests. It was the first game in the series that did not have an exotic car in the lineup. The Need For Speed ​​career mode: High Stakes, in Underground, is complete. Fans are still missing some things, namely network games and high-speed police pursuits. EA has repaired the missing network game in Need For Speed ​​Underground 2. The game did everything from the first Underground and more. New racing modes have been introduced, new ways to personalize the car, more aftermarket parts and the free roaming world. Outstanding tournaments have returned to feeling the police's pursuit of fans. EA obviously did something good.

Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted, the next edition of the series, will include strong points for the previous details: high-speed, adrenaline-run police cars featured in the first game, there are rumors that it can cause damage to the game, the demo can detect more. Again, there will be a story in the game and the atmosphere of the Underground series will continue to be present so I will still be able to ride. They will get most of the exotic cars they want, but they will still be imported tuners. So they will also be able to adjust the mood of exotic people.

There are a number of new racing modes as well. The aim of the game is to become the most notorious racer in the street, avoiding the police and letting the opponents hang in the dust. Obviously, EA listened to fans throughout the series and made suggestions about the gaming community. Need For Speed ​​has always been impressed with the look and the graphics section and what I've seen on screenshots and preview movies seems to be impressive.

So Need for Speed ​​is certainly one of the best racing games in the world. He thinks about what will happen to EA.

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