Nissan R35 GTR – super car or not?

The Nissan GTR has always been a vehicle that is extraordinary. What most people do not notice when thinking about a machine is that it has always been a well-defined car. The new R35 GTR was injected with the same DNA as the previous R32, R33 and R34 models. This means that the car will be exceptional performance and will be able to meet the lifestyle requirements in practice. Nissan introduces the new R35 GTR as a multifunctional sports car, which means that this is not just another fast car with all the appropriate numbers that look good in magazines.

The main question of the R35 GTR would be "car?" The fact that I raised this question is pleased that people find that there is more to a super car than numbers from performance tests. When I think of a super car, or at least a super car is so fast, stimulating, violent, loud and visually appealing. GTR is undoubtedly fast and not just straight. This vehicle picked up the highest Porsche models and made it easier for Gallardo to spend money in the Tsukuba area of ​​Japan. It compares one of the best times of German Nurburgring to a caravan that is a better reference than a tight circle like Tsukuba. With these achievements, we can say that the GTR has high performance, braking and bending capabilities that match or compete as super cars.

It's as fast as a super car, but that's not enough. In my opinion, one does not belong to one, but it's just another place. The super car is just one category, it does not necessarily mean better. The R35 is better than a super car, but things that make it the only reason why someone will not buy it. This is a useful machine, which means that you can work under any circumstances and it may be raining or snowstorms all year round. There is room for passengers and luggage. It is so silent that it starts on the street at 2am, without the neighbors hating it. Rounded, visually fits the other cars on the road, especially the 350zs and the G35. These are all great features, but not the attributes you want to buy this type of battery. Most people in a market like such a vehicle are just looking for one thing, just one thing, extravagant, both the look and the driving characteristics of a car.

The fact that most of the machines have been tested at Nurburgring tells a lot about it. Nürburgring is a demanding circuit that requires a car to be both fast and safe at the same time. The ideal car in this circuit would be a thing that would be safe for the driver while taking wonderful times. One lap, in a real super car, most people got a heart attack before they reached halfway, but in this car anyone could stay a couple of laps without taking too much shake at the same speed. The R35 is a perfect ultra-high performance street car designed for the average driver. Some professional drivers such as Keiichi Tsuchiya led this car and did not like this fact that there are so many computers that take the lead from the driver, saying it seemed "unnatural" within the car's boundaries. What a professional does not pick up is that the average pilot who does not exercise on a track every day is happy to return the car's leadership to the car so you do not have to worry when we are running or some fun on winding roads this weekend.

Even if the R35 is not a super car, there is still something else that sends a positive message to people about the progress of motor vehicles. Of course, it's not enough pure sports cars such as the NSX R or the Porsche GT3 that they want to inspire fans, but I think Nissan wanted to show the world what they can do with driving technology. Clean sports cars are usually quick because they are rigid, light and sensitive, just like racing cars driven by street professionals. The GTR weighs nearly 2 tons, which means that the speed secrets are not so simple. The R35 can be regarded as a wild animal attracted to everyone. It may be a bit too cheap for the status-controlled upper class and a little too expensive for the current 350z, Evo and STI owners. The price of a car says a lot and for just $ 80,000, I would say it should be higher to match the lower numbers generated by performance tests.

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