Nothing is better than barbuing after a golf game

There is nothing better than golfing after barbarians. Get your golfing buddies and your wife or girlfriend to meet in the house. After outdoor golf, it looks just to be outdoors and combine with a grill that is more than peasant.

To go to celebration and in a better way than for food and wine. Like most guys, I like grilling and my wife loves me when I'm cooking. My cooking skills are not so great in the kitchen, but before me grilling, and I became a master chef.

Is Caveman's Syndrome Possible in Some Open Fire Flames? The barbarian's show is like making her food immediately, putting it on the grill, cooking and serving. This is the secret to keeping things simple.

Start fresh seasonal ingredients, including products and meats; I try to use local ingredients in our area. Now or slowly I cook it on a low heat or fast super hot hot grilling. Slow grilling allows me to use the special secret recipes to get the deep flavors. High-quality grilling results in combing and whipping.

Golf and grill are about sharing. Yes, you play golf or play yourself, but it's a lot more entertaining when dealing with people who are important in your life. Nothing is better than barbing after the golf game.

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