Official announcement: Ferrari 458 Italia Spider

Ferrari officially announced the Ferrari 458 Spider; the 458th version of the 2012 version. Before we get into the details, take a moment to pause and evaluate that Ferrari has already produced an incredible beautiful car: the 458 Italia

Now that you have begun to evaluate a design that already starts your head, take a look at the 458 Italia spider, which simply increases the clarity of the coupé design and thinks ideas that are in trouble.

Ferrari officially introduces the 458 Spider at the Frankfurt Motor Show in a few weeks. The Spider features the same features as the Coupé, such as the 4.5-liter V8, 562 hp and 395 lb ft, but it is primarily based on the features of retractable aluminum hardtop roofs that are directly linked to the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

A Ferrari traditionally puts a coat on the convertibles, but has patented an aluminum design that retraces behind the seats in front of the engine compartment. This design is actually less than the previous fabric structure, so Ferrari retains the 42: 58 front-to-rear weight distribution of the coupe. In addition to the patented mass-saving design, Ferrari has managed to make these changes without jeopardizing aerodynamics or performance. Behind the seats, small domes were added to provide airflow, ensuring adequate cooling for Italy, and an electronic windshield widened the interior comfort and noise reduction for the driver and the passenger if you want to talk about 124 mph.

With regard to performance changes, Ferrari only re-installed the 458 Spider with a replacement exhaust system to deviate from the 458 Coupe's exhaust sound. The v8 engine, the seven-speed dual clutch F1 transmission, differential and brake system remain unchanged from the 458 Coupe. As always, the converters do not have the rigidity of the chassis to maintain power, resulting in chassis modifications to the 458 Spider, which adds 110 lbs to the Coupe, from 0 to 60, down to 3.5 seconds, 0.1 seconds slower than the Coupé and an upper speed of 198 mph; 5mph slower than the Coupe. Not a big loss for the added convenience and beauty of the 458 Italia Spider, and although the Spider is expected to sell around $ 25,000 for the Italia Coupe's $ 225,325 MSRP, it is worth buying to hear the loud V8, while others are more important, who screamed for grace. Ferrari has released an official teaser video to make people excited about the Ferrari 458 Italia Spider and briefly demonstrate how the convertible aluminum peak works. Be sure to keep the underwear nearby.

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