Overheating Battery Problems The Chrysler Hybrid Project

As demand for hybrid vehicles increases, Chrysler was forced to curb their hybrid testing at the moment. The tests found the batteries overheated in some pickup trucks. 109 truck models and 23 mini-model models with plug-in hybrid technology are not currently tested.

Dodge Ram 1500 pickup trucks seemed to be delayed due to their prototypes. Damage or injury to operators was not reported as a result of the damage. Chrysler is testing a lithium-based battery from the third quarter of 2011. The project is expected to run until 2014, but no extension of testing is planned.

This test is partly financed by the US Department of Energy at $ 58 million. Chrysler repays $ 65.2 million in other funding. Most of the money was intended to finance truck testing, which is expected to cost $ 97.4 million. The fund's reminder was that $ 25.8 million was expected for minivan testing.

The project survey spread between 16 municipalities and utility companies. It spread between 20 tests. The batteries were provided by Electrovaya, a Canadian company specializing in the development and manufacture of lithium batteries. He even released his own electric car on the battery, which can cost 120 miles with a charge.

Despite the suspension of the truck and minivan hybrid project, Chrysler is moving ahead with developing its own battery. One representative named his idea of ​​an "excellent battery" that he had previously performed. This time, the company creates another chemical makeup from the battery to prevent the problem of overheating.

So far, the vehicles tested under the program were 1.3 million miles equivalent. Retailers took up to 55 miles per gallon, while the trucks reached 37.4 miles per gallon. The current hybrid minivans reach an average of about 28 miles per gallon, and trucks average about 23 miles / gallon.

Some of the tests were not just an increase in the kilometer of the gallon, but the creation of a reverse power flow. This is where the battery sends power to the power supply. In the future, powerful vehicle elements can result in back-up of household appliances in case of power failure. Chrysler hopes to be the first to release the vehicle from the power supply.

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