Owning a hybrid car

The first warnings came about 30 years ago when the Middle East countries stopped in oil exports and sent the world to an unprecedented energy crisis.

Today's world is nothing more than raising oil prices from day to day. In addition to the factor of peace, modern cars burn millions of tons of crude oil each year, resulting in tons of carbon dioxide and other gases that are the main causes of global warming.

Humanity has to find an alternative to conventional fuels, and today the engineering level, hybrid cars seem to be the solution, at least the least.

With the launch of a hybrid car, car owners and users around the world have now found the relief that they really hope to spend hundreds of dollars each month at the gas station.

The hybrid car combines a conventional engine (an engine with internal combustion, gasoline or diesel engine) with an electric motor for moving the car.

The advantage of a hybrid car is that at slow speeds, such as busy highways, the car only uses the electric motor to move. These results are low emissions and very high mileage (the benefits of electric motors in the areas where the internal combustion engine was the least advantageous – at slow speed and around the city). When passing a certain speed, the internal combustion engine starts to help move the electric motor.

If a hybrid is tested from a pure technical point of view, a hybrid can not be considered as an electric vehicle because only about 40% of the vehicle's energy consumption comes from electrical sources. This energy is stored in large batteries inside the car.

While technology can not find a better solution for the movement of oil and gas burning cars, hybrid cars are the only alternative that can help save money and contribute to the global warning. However, there are also disadvantages of holding a hybrid car.

First of all, the hybrid technology of cars today is very new, and its development costs have not been re-evaluated by manufacturers. Therefore, a hybrid car will pay far more than the normal version of the car. Studies have shown that on average, a hybrid car spends much more on the regular model, from $ 2000 to $ 5000, sometimes even more. Production capacities are limited and demand is high, so manufacturers are happy to see the prices of hybrid cars.

Secondly, the electrical energy consumed by the electromotor is very heavy and large and has a considerable internal space. . There are a number of states in the United States and some other global governments that charge additional costs and other charges for purchasing a hybrid car, and eventually the user pays more than the car will normally pay.

The voltage required by the electric motor is very high, which increases the complexity of the car and makes it difficult to locate specialized repair shops. There are even more dangerous car crashes, if something is wrong with electric parts of the car. In addition, spare parts prices for hybrid cars can be very expensive. There are so many things to consider when purchasing a hybrid car, since things are not that simple because they can be seen first.

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