5 Major disadvantages of hybrid cars

In contrast to conventional cars that use a single power source, a hybrid car is powered by a combination of a battery and a fuel engine. However, these two sources are used alternately by the car and do not merge with each other. Hybrid cars are becoming increasingly popular due to economic, social and environmental

The Ultimate Hybrid – The Chevy Was

At the 2007 North American international car show, General Motors introduced the latest hybrid technology: the Chevy Volt. Having resigned from clean electric cars years ago, this is the next attempt by GM to remove Toyota from Toyota's hybrid throne. Volt runs a combination of a lithium-ion battery and a 1.0-liter turbocharged three-cylinder petrol. Comfort

Hybrid cars and taxes

Buying a hybrid vehicle may be beneficial to some owners as it has several benefits, for example: 1. Reducing insurance costs 2. Gas and kilometer savings 3. Tax credit Consumers should always be aware of any new information that may affect their investment in such vehicles. Obviously, the tax credit is clearly a green light

A Shelby Coba

Shelby Cobra is one of the rarest and most expensive cars ever sold in the United States. In fact, recently one was sold for $ 5.5 million, which is a new record for all auction cars in the world. This car was fascinated by a lot of car enthusiasts for its special features and classic

Bugatti EB 18-3 Chiron – just one of them ever made

The 1999 Bugatti EB 18-3 Chiron is a prototype car designed by Giorgetto Giuaro and built on the Lamborghini Diablo VT platform. The car named Chiron is named after a famous Bugatti racer, Louis Chiron. As a prototype car, Chiron was the only one ever made. Chiron is a very aerodynamic car, as it is