Why do they like to introduce the Arabs?

This summer, London's newspapers and magazines were full of stories and pictures of Arab millionaires who dazzled their enthusiasm (and sometimes surprises) with passers-by of the British capital's West End. Young Kings and oligarchs who show up in the only magazines magazine super cars and young Arab women walking in luxury department stores like Harrods

What makes a classic car?

What is a classic car, who determines whether a car is classic when it comes to a classic car? How many times do you ask these questions? This classic car debate is very subjective and in my opinion there is no right or wrong answer. There were some iconic cars that got classic status at

How can I buy Lamborghini Countach?

What a wonderful way to get to the wonderful Lamborghini Countach? There are several ways to rent, buy, etc. But the best solution is to buy one! Let's take a look at buying Lamborghini Countach. There are many super cars. Often the most recent ones are too expensive for a lot of budgets. But you

Lexus LF-A – the Future of Luxury Vehicles

The Lexus LF-A concept superstore originally introduced at the 2005 North American International Motor Show (NAIAS), the car was later transformed into the Toyota Premium brand, slightly modified and restarted in Detroit in 2007 in North America International Motor Show. The LF-A offers a bold new design to the Lexus brand and marks the beginning

Lamborghini Vs Ferrari – Which Exotic Supercar is the Pioneer?

Many exotic fans are very fond of their exotic cars' dreams. The top of the list is usually Lamborghini or Ferrari. These two manufacturers have a completely different legacy, but both are very competent supercars. Most enthusiastic young people formulate their favorite car in their very young age and generally undertake to continue to support

Lamborghini Countach For Sale

There are many sports and super cars there. One of the cars that many people are looking for but hard to find, the Lamborghini Countach. Looking for Lamborghini Countach? In this article, we look at the possibilities to find the Lamborghini Countach! Countach is a car that has won a prize. If we think of

Look at the Iconic Cars over the years

Most cars do not last forever, resulting in a lot of engines coming out of the spotlight. However, some of them are so beautiful and iconic that they are typing in the car's history, even if the last model left the production line. Even better, some of them are re-invented and still appear in today's

The Caterham 7 sports car – Super Light and Super Fun

When the vision designer, Colin Chapmen first became Lotus 7's design, had light, speed and agility. What he did not know was to create a timeless design niche that is still capable of overclocking the supercars that are ten times as much. The first Lotus 7 was released in 1957 and purchased £ 1000 pounds

GTM Supercar is second fastest on ALL-Time

Factory Five GTM is the second fastest car that has been tested by Car and Driver Magazine. That's right. Only the single-wheel drive, 1,000 HP, the Millimi Dollar Bugatti Veyron is faster than 0-60 mph! Car & Driver magazine crew only for the total number of tests in the last 50 years! This must in