The Paris Motorway – The electric car took the cake?

The release of this year's Paris Motor Show is likely to be the "greenest". But since we've been talking about a complete car race, the gas-powered supercars are still the main attractions. Dozens of press conferences, featuring both concepts and new models that are already being produced, triumphantly talk and talk about industry crises –

The twenty fastest muscle wagon

From the Middle Ages to the early 1970's, new cars were driving the American streets. Most of them were medium-sized cars with large block motors. At first these cars were called "super cars," and in time they were more accurate than the muscles. A quarter mile of performance standard and weekend drag-racing became very popular.

Shelby – American Speedway

There were few people on this planet that had such an impact on car racing and the design world as Carroll Shelby's legend. Now in the 80s, Carroll continues to be a passion for high-performance cars. Carroll Shelby competed in the early 1950's and was captured thereafter. After retiring from the 1959 racing circuit, he

Honda NSX – high performance midway

By observing Honda NSX, I can not help seeing things that do not get a lot of credit for their performance before the end of 2005. The NSX-type R-type engine has been shown on Japanese tracks and winding roads, while the Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche names are almost ashamed. Despite the fact that this machine

Do Ferrari also need after market tuning?

Despite the fact that cars manufactured by an Italian automobile manufacturer have recognized their performance, speed and aerodynamics, many Ferrari owners seem to be disrespectful of their existing performance and maneuverability offered by these cars. Finding options that help meet your requirements. Interestingly, many renowned car modifiers now offer a change in the existing performance

American Muscle Cars

American car models manufactured in the 1960s and 1970s are called muscular cars. These vehicles are called "super cars" during this period. The term "muscle car" was initiated by horse racing. John Z. DeLorean, who was chairman of the Pontiac Division, was offered. He controlled the General Motor's policy by placing the big engine on

What kind of small model can I buy for my man?

We work in a mall store, so let's ask this question whether the lady wants to buy a male die-cast model for their relatives, partners or children. We'll try to ask your age first. People over the age of 50 generally liked British classics from the 1950s and 1960s, such as Jaguar mk2, E-Type Jags,

Luxury cars – some expensive but luxury cars

The fever, the unique, stylish, fast, safe and well-functioning car rage is infinite. If someone has developed mania to have a luxurious car, he has no power to stop his engine and rising horsepower (HP). Perhaps the time comes when cars are powered by jet engines. It is fair to say that you are proud

Making Money Online – The Real Truth

Is it so lucky to solve all your current problems? For example: not knowing how to pay for the next bill, devoting the work you are forced to, time, dreaming of day-to-day castles, swimming pools and super cars, and worried about the prosperity of the kids. It is no different from most people. But so

Understanding the Car Engine Control Unit (ECU)

Nowadays, new cars are found with the latest built-in engine technology. The car's engine changes significantly under the ground, from the old old atomizer to the engine control unit (ECU). In the 19th century, when the first single-cylinder petrol engine came into force, it was the "Carburettor" that was created. Later, multi-cylinder engines were considered