Blur – a powerful racing game from Activision

Blur is a racing game that is ready to provide real-world experience in car racing with real-world locations and real karting. Unlike other games that depend on powerups, blur depends entirely on the physical model and player's ability. Players are able to buy cars and other special abilities with a new rating system based on

Motorcycle sports coat cameras for motor racing

If you're a hard-powered racer and you feel you need speed, you probably want your own video capture system to record your time on the track. If you want to create professional DVD quality videos or simple short videos online at the tournament, this article can help you show the right direction and your needs.

Asphalt vs Dirt Track Racing – The surface

When drivers and teams move from the asphalt race to the track career, the most obvious change that needs to be taken is the "surface of the track". In both cases, the surface is completely different. In most cases, the asphalt is hard and fairly smooth. Holding will remain constant in the degree of cling.

How to become a stock driver?

One kind of racing is Stock car racing. This is usually done in the USA, Brazil, Canada and New Zealand. Contrary to other types of racing, this is done on an oval track, which is usually 2.66 miles. This can be done on the go. Speed ​​is extremely important, of course, necessary for racing. But

Overview of binoculars for Nascar fans

Today's tournaments will be much better. Nikon came out with some winner NASCAR binoculars that says "Wow." Since they are officially licensed by NASCAR, they are very popular (as you might imagine). They are also very small and ergonomic (weight below 10.5 oz). They are made in two versions: 8 x 25 and 10 x

The story of horse racing in North America

Although the popularity of horse racing in the world – and for a long time – the history of sport in North America is particularly interesting. The first racecourse in America was in New York, Nassau County, known as Hempstead Plains. The Newmarket course opened in 1665 and helped launch the rich tradition of horse

Racing lawnmowers – the beginning

The traditional forms of a motorcycle such as stock, sport car racing, motorboats and even motorcycles are very expensive. Initial investment can start at $ 20,000 at entry-level regional departments and go for more than $ 100,000 for a tour series car. Not even to point out that it will cost thousands of dollars if

Development of Formula 1 racing

Formula One, also known as F1 racing, started in the 1920s. The unique racing sport in Europe was originally a Grand Prix Motor Race. Sports has implemented a number of changes in its rules and basic formula after the Second World War. At the Grand Prix Motorcycle Competition, a new formula was introduced – Formula

Racing Go Karts: History

Kart was first created in the United States in the 1950s, where most historians invent Ing Inger. He built his first go card in California in 1956, and in the post-war period when the aerial carriages were running these karts as the way of transferring time. These go karts, wagons, go karts, shift bars, go

Racing Games

Boys will be boys. No matter what you say and what you do. Their love of big games is known to everyone. They're a hard-powered man. The bikes and the car set the pulse race. Harley Davidson and Ferrari are their dream machine. Even if it is impossible to seize this long-running desire in a