Introduction of Porsche 911

The Porsche 911 was first launched in the mid-1950s when it first hit the fast-growing drawings of a famous sports car company. Despite the ever-increasing demand for Porsche 356 cars, it was obvious that a new model would be needed by the 1960s. So, in 1956, Porsche designers started working with their new car, using

The Ferrari 360 Modena sports car

Ferrari 360 Modena – Performance, specifications, characteristics, comparison of competitors, comparisons of history, history, used prices. From the Classic to the Modern: THE CAR The 360 ​​Modena sports car was introduced in 1999 by Ferrari, and then the car was born after the founder of the city. With a $ 360,000 start-up price, the 360

The Noble M15 sports car

Noble M15 – a review of the sports car, including performance, technical data, characteristics, comparison of competitors, history, prices used from the classic to the modern The Car The Noble M15 Sports Car The Porsche Turbo, Audi R8 and Ferrari F430 lovers dominated in 2006 at a price of 74,950 pounds. In this regard, the

Transportation cars – international car delivery

First of all, you want the car to be ready for international car transport. It calls for the cleaning of dirt and removal of valuable personal items, accessories or tools for you, and the removal of fuel in the tank to less than 1/8. (I strongly recommend that you carry your car completely empty to

The Kia Optima hybrid stands for a true northern winter

Many people like the idea of ​​a hybrid, but they are worried about hybrid performance in winter dead. To answer this question, I bought a Kia Hybrid at a longer 2-day show. Many people are writing about how the Kia Hybrid works in places like Vancouver or Chicago in winter, but Winnipeggers only trusts a

New electric car technology status report

There is no doubt that electric cars are the next big thing. But where are we about the new electric car technology? Are Affordable Electric Cars Today? Here is a quick overview of what is now. To prove that electric cars can be fast and fun, check out Tesla Roadster. This exciting sports car can

What is a Hybrid Car? Overview of the hybrid

What's going on here? Hybrid cars differ in many ways from conventional vehicles. There are emissions, fuel consumption, costs and of course all the mechanics. The main difference between the two is that the hybrid car uses gas combined with gasoline and a standard vehicle uses only gasoline. In a gas-powered car, the fuel drives

50 Suzuki dealerships closed

Over the past few months, 50 Suzuki dealers have accepted buyout offers. This is part of the plan to reduce the worst-performing businesses launched in March. Suzuki already has 300 dealers, while in March it was 354. Buyout bids were tied to 150 dealers and the program ended in July. The dealers accepting the offer

McLaren MP4-12C Velocita COR rims and carbon fiber

After a few years, McLaren made a big boost from the construction of cars to stealing headlines from two new super cars, the first being the new MP4-12C. The new mid-engine supercar offers an excellent blend of daily driving dynamics and high performance driving characteristics at home on the racing track or on the road.

Car games are fun and surprisingly instructive

Includes popular racing games and non-traditional games in which cars are introduced. There is no dispute about the old-fashioned statement that boys will be boys, especially if we look at their choice of games. When playing racing games, he jumps behind a fast and brilliant car and speeds up the whole place. The games will