I'm ready to restore my car or classic car

I'm ready to recover my classic car or muscle car, this is the question you need to ask yourself before you enter the project. It really isn't for everyone. If you plan to restore your car yourself, you must be sure that you have chosen a car that you can restore. the project must remain

Introducing the 356 Porsche

Porsche 356 is a two-seater, the Volkswagen type 356, after the design office number. Inspired by Fiat-based Cisitalia sports cars, the first 356 was a tubular frame; and the body designed by Erwin Kommenda was the first to be named the legendary Porsche. Like the following 356 cars, there were platforms like Volkswagen, but they

Bugatti Veyron

The description of the Bugatti Veyron is that the superlatives run out quickly. I'm not sure we would use the word "car" for such a monster. Veyron, with absolute power and astonishing maximum speed, looks and sounds as if it only came out of an impossible future inhabited by gigantic gas pumps 50 years after

Best 10 Android Games in 2013

The majority of Android users like it for a variety of reasons, but for the first time because of the variety of games it offers. People who depend on the game tend to be biased because they know what they can do with it. Although there are a number of games available on Google Play,

Run your car with water – explore alternative fuel sources

At a time of rising fuel prices, many are looking for alternative fuel sources that can help reduce fuel costs and help solve environmental problems such as air pollution and global warming. If you've heard about technology that allows you to run your car with water, here are some things you should know about. These

Find cheap Classic cars for sale

Most of the cars produced in the 1960s and 1970s are considered to be very powerful cars, most of which have a powerful V8 engine. The power emitted by these engines has great demands on classic car lovers. Selling a cheap classic car is not very difficult, but it all depends on where you are

Worried classic car delivery

Transporting the vehicle over a long distance, such as inter-state movement, a nerve-shaking experience. It is even more tragic to deliver a classic sports car or other valuable vehicle. In addition to the costs, such cars often have sentimental values ‚Äč‚Äčthat make them irreplaceable. Or maybe you bought a collector vehicle for a long distance,

HHO Gas Truck Conversion – Converts your car to burning water

HHO gas car modifications are in the news. Why are these conversions getting popular? This is because they increase the gas mileage by 20-50%. Some people see these vehicles as hybrid cars, HHO gas with gasoline or diesel, saving money on the pump. HHO gas supplies are not cheap. You can even find them on

Everything you wanted to know about electric car engines

EV motors (electric vehicles) are basically DC motors (direct current motors) in most cases and voltage ranges from 96 to 192 V. Alternatively, alternating current motors (alternating current motors) can be used and in this case the voltage range can be between 240 and 300 volts. The most common electric car engines are DC motors,

About the Toyota Camry Hybrid

The fact that Toyota is renamed the underestimation of driving a hybrid electric vehicle. Toyota sells more hybrid models than all its competitors since it sold over 4 million units from 2012 onwards. The Prius line is synonymous with hybrids, but other models, including Toyota Camry and Avalon, offer hybrid variations. Camry is America's best-selling