How do semi-hybrid cars work?

The semi-hybrid car is called the electrolysis or known as a hydrogen generator. You can install the engines on a weekend. Once you find the conversion guide, you may have to stand in your local hardware store to pick up some small pieces, but most of them can be found in the garage if you

Five ground friendly reasons for choosing a hybrid vehicle

Hybrid owners are most effective in changing the current position of vehicle sales. Although many consumers are not ready to jump from conventional vehicles to their hybrid relatives, they call it the higher price factor. For others, two key factors for purchasing a hybrid are incentives such as tax incentives and money-saving. However, the reason

Advantages and disadvantages of hybrid cars

As automakers increasingly think about producing hybrid vehicles, it's time to think that these vehicles are really going to be the cars of the future? However, & # 39; hybrid & # 39; it seems to be the latest development in the auto world. Hybrid cars are known to increase the number of kilometers traveled

Hybrid Car Converter – Learn about Hybrid Car Converter

You do not have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on purchasing a hybrid. Instead, you can convert the current car as a hybrid. Nearly a hundred years ago, Nicola Tesla discovered that water could be used as a fuel. For economic and political reasons, his discovery has never been revealed to the public.

3 tips for buying a hybrid car

Three tips to help you buy a new hybrid car. However, there is an important aspect, but you need to check the type of technology you want, as there are many ads and conversations, but there are not many types that are still on the market. Many are still in Beta mode or on the

Hybrid car battery – the raw truth

As hybrid cars are different from traditional gas turbine vehicles, most people are willing to buy a hybrid car. Well, they probably know that hybrid cars have an internal combustion engine and a battery powered electric motor. The latter causes certain uncertainties that may delay purchasing. The hybrid car battery is like any other element.

Protecting the environment with green technology: the benefits of hybrid drive

Do you drive a hybrid car? Hybrid cars are the latest frenzy of modern automotive technology. In the early 1990s, many automotive manufacturers recognized the potential market for green sensitive customers and the growing demands for environmentally-friendly and cost-effective vehicles. Because of the record for petrol and other fossil fuels, the hybrid car development forecasts

The 2010 Honda Insight Hybrid Car

Nobody is more integrated and more productive than Honda, for the development of cleaner, more fuel-efficient vehicle technologies and the development of modern alternatives to gasoline. From these results, Honda is also a leader in the development of zero-emission hydrogen-fueled FCX Clarity fuel cell cars and the world's most advanced production car. The new Honda

Hybrid cars are energy-efficient

If you're a car fan, you'll be interested to find out how a hybrid car works. They are the most viable solution so far solved by the problem of high fuel prices. Basically there are two resources. One is an internal combustion engine that burns gas to drive the vehicle. The other is a battery

Hybrid cars history

As people become more environmentally aware, gas prices are beginning to flutter, and foreign oil independence is increasingly a cause for concern, hybrid cars will become more and more popular. A hybrid car is defined as a vehicle that uses more than one fuel source. Many of these vehicles use a combination of a typical